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World Cup for Kids - Multicultural Kid BlogsWorld Cup for Kids Series

Announcing a new series from Multicultural Kid Blogs: World Cup for Kids!  This series will focus on the 2014 World Cup in Brazil as a way to teach kids about geography and global cooperation.

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Learn about the countries of this year’s 2014 World Cup!

Follow along as we explore the cultures of the teams who will be participating in this year’s games. Below is a list of the countries playing in the 2014 World Cup, along with the bloggers who will be teaching us about them. Look for a new post on each country, each time its team plays!

AlgeriaAlgeriaHost: SalamMama

ArgentinaArgentinaHost: LadyDeeLG AustraliaAustraliaHost: Adventure Bee
 1. Algerian Green Beans 1. 10 Fun Facts  1. Aboriginal Dot Painting
2. Sweet Couscous 2. 5 Yummy Treats  2. Australian Animals Yoga
 3. Algerian Snow White 3. 5 Inventions From Argentina!  3. Damper Bread
4. Arabic Resources for Kids  4.  Pope Francis Eliminated
Eliminated  5. Lionel Messi
BelgiumBelgiumHost: Growing Up Gabel Bosnia-HerzegovinaBosnia and HerzegovniaHost: Kid World Citizen BrazilBrazilHost: Head of the Heard
 1. Belgian S’mores  1. Bosnia Profile 1. What Is Brazil Famous For?
 2. Authentic Belgian Sugar Waffles  2. Religions of Bosnia 2. Brazil’s Flag
 3. Roasted Brussels Sprouts  3. Stewed Apple Dessert 3. Why Brazilian Dogs Don’t Support Brazil
 4. Biscoff No Bake Pie  Eliminated 4. Brazil’s National Anthem – A Cappella Style
5. 15 Kid-Friendly Recipes 5. Blind Leading the Blind?
 Eliminated  6. Football-Inspired Music
7. Brazil Is Still Here
CameroonCameroonHost: Marie’s Pastiche ChileChileHost: Kid World Citizen ColombiaColombiaHost: Mama Tortuga
 1. Ginger Beer 1. Chile Profile  1. Selección Colombia
 2. Children’s Books About Cameroon  2. Two Famous Chilean Poets  2. Match 2
3. Toghu Cloth Craft  3. Chilean Salad  3. Match 3
 Eliminated Eliminated  4. Arepuelas Recipe
Costa RicaCosta RicaHost: All Done Monkey Côte d’IvoireCôte_d'IvoireHost: Marie’s Pastiche CroatiaCroatiaHost: Chasing the Donkey
1. Children’s Books About Costa Rica  1. Bissap Drink 1. Flag of Croatia
 2. Empanadas  2. Children’s Books About Côte d’Ivoire  2. Colouring-In Sheets
3. Top 10 Places to Visit with Kids in San José  3. Senufo Animal Art 3. Elderflower Cordial
 4. Volcano Birthday Party  Eliminated Eliminated
EcuadorEcuadorHost: Kid World Citizen EnglandEnglandHost: Head of the Heard FranceFranceHost: La Cité des Vents
 1. Ecuador Profile 1. Marking Life by World Cups 1. Crepes
 2. Galápagos Giant Tortoise  2. Anyone But England  2. Paris Promenade
3. From the Executive Box  3. 10 Songs in French about Foreign Countries
 Eliminated  Eliminated  4. Wedding in France
5. French Geography for Kids
GermanyGermanyHost: Laugh and Learn GhanaGhanaHost: Kid World Citizen GreeceGreeceHost: Marie’s Pastiche
 1. Architecture for Toddlers  1. Ghana profile  1. Greek Lantern Drink
 2. Bremen Town Musicians  2. Kente Cloth Craft  2. Children’s Books About Greece
3. German Engineering & Playmobil  3. Fried Plantains  3. Worry Bead Craft
4. Playing with Bubbles  Eliminated 4. Celebrate Your Name Day
5. Gummy Bear Activities  Eliminated
5. Pirate Activities Eliminated
7. Mud Bowl Fruit Punch
HondurasHondurasHost: Mama Tortuga IranIranHost: All Done Monkey ItalyItalyHost: Homeschool Ways
 1. Selección Honduras 1. Children’s Books About Iran  1. Eros Ramazzotti
 2. Match 2  2. Pomegranate Popsicles & Pistachio “Ice Cream”  2. Pizza Recipe
3. Match 3  3. Tectonic Plates Activity  3. Pasta Dish
 Eliminated Eliminated Eliminated
JapanJapanHost: Melibelle in Tokyo Korea RepublicKoreaHost: Adventure Bee MexicoMexicoHost: Kid World Citizen
 1. Snacks for a World Cup Party 1. Quick, Magical Kimchi 1. Mexico Profile
 2. How Do You Say “Go! Fight! Win!” 2. A Korean Cinderella  2. Mariachi Music
 3. Bowing Out  3. Korean Pancakes (Hotteok)  3. Frida Kahlo
 Eliminated  Eliminated  4. Paletas, Mexican Popsicles
NetherlandsNetherlandsHost: 30 Minute Crafts NigeriaNigeriaHost: My Twintopia PortugalPortugalHost: The piri-piri lexicon
1. Easy to Make Faux Delft Blue  1. Green Is for Agriculture  1. Chorizo Bread
 2. Printable Windmill Craft 2. Culture Shock 2. Fado: Portugal’s Popular Music
3. Perpetual Birthday Calendar Printable  3. Getting Around in Lagos  3. Saints’ Festivals
 4. Easy Mondrian Art for Kids  4. 10 Things You May Not Know Eliminated
 5. DIY Bike Tassel  Eliminated
 6. Embroidered Tulip Shirt
7.  Dutch Wooden Shoe
RussiaRussiaHost: Laugh and Learn SpainSpainHost: MarocMama SwitzerlandSwiterlandHost: My Daylights
 1. Cupcake Castles 1. World Cup Fever 1. Swiss Music
 2. Treasure Chest & Precious Stones  2. Seeing Spain from a Bus 2. Basel Cookies: Christmas in a Dessert
 3. Birds in Art & Dance
Eliminated Eliminated  Eliminated
UruguayUruguayHost: Las Vegas Moms Blog USAUSAHost: Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes
 1. La Celeste  1. Lighthouse Craft
 2. Mateando 2. Monarch Butterfly Book & Craft
 3. Fun Facts About Uruguay  3. American Comfort Food
4. Raising a Team Player with Great Sportsmanship 4.  Happy Birthday, USA!
Eliminated  Eliminated

Flag images courtesy of Wikipedia

World Cup for Kids - Multiculturlal Kid Blogs
Olympic Stadium, Berlin, site of the 2006 World Cup final. Photo courtesy of

Photo Contest

The World Cup for Kids project kicked off last November with a photo contest.  The winner was announced on December 5.  Congratulations to La Famille Brown for submitting the winning photo below!

worldcupkids - La Famille Brown
Photo courtesy of La Famille Brown

Explore the World Through the World Cup

The World Cup is a great opportunity to teach children about the world.  Here are the other posts in this series so far:

World Cup for Kids - Multicultural Kid Blogs
Paris Saint-Germain v Lorient Photo courtesy of

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  1. Exciting! I have some cool pics of my son playing soccer this season. 🙂 Let me go through them, and see. Thanks for coming up with great ideas for the MKB!

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  4. How cool! My son loves football. What a good idea, a World Cup for kids, everybody can feel like a world champion! Even I! (I can’t play football with my son, he’s better than me, ha, ha)

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