How food connects us in a global society

Culinary world-schooling

Wendy Dakroub is the woman behind Pint Sized Gourmets, a family-friendly food and travel blog that explores, through the experience of our children, what foods they love from countries we visit. Our culinary world-schooling journey began in 2014 and our children document their education by way of world food culture. Together, we hope to inspire you and your children to try new and different foods from around the world.
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Bringing the world into your kitchen

Sasha Martin is an award-winning writer and blogger who spent almost four years cooking her way around the world.  Her website, Global Table Adventure, is a go-to hub for foodies around the world. Her first book, “Life from Scratch”  (National Geographic, 2015) chronicles her lifelong struggle to find inner-peace, including the years she spent cooking the world as a new mother.
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Family in Spain discuss desayunos (breakfast)

Lisa Sadleir is a trilingual mum to two bilingual children, founder of Cooking with Languages and author of “Moving to Spain with Children”. Born in England, educated in France and a resident of Spain, she is passionate about travel and encouraging children to learn new languages.
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Banana squash pancakes
Summer recipes for the global family
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General/Worldwide resources:

Teaching Global Citizenship at Home by Pint Size Gourmets
Using food to teach kids about being global citizens

5 Websites with Kid-friendly International Recipes by Our Whole Village
Cooking is a great way to encourage kids to learn about different countries and cultures and maybe try some new foods while they’re at it.

Beyond Ice Cream: Frozen Treats from Around the World by All Done Monkey
Yummy frozen treats from different countries!

Beating those 5pm “what’s for dinner?” blues by Third Culture Mama
One week of simple recipes when you are out of ideas for dinner

The Piri-Piri Tea Party by The Piri-Piri Lexicon
Our best pick of family recipes from every continent on one single page

Ice-cream and poverty by Djibouti Jones
Wrestling with our excess when living around people who go hungry

Learning from traditional food by Marcellina Maria
What we learn from local traditional food at our traveling destination

Curious Customs from Dining Tables Around the World by Bicultural Mama
Learn what’s good and bad etiquette in different countries

Examples of country/region -specific resources:

Fast and Easy Chinese Bao (Bun) by Bicultural Mama
A simplified method for making this Chinese comfort food

In the Kitchen with Barnesklubb: Aebleskivers by Eva Varga
Barnesklubb (our Scandinavian kids club) gathered to learn to prepare Æbleskiver, traditional Danish pancakes in a distinctive shape of a sphere.

Ethiopian Honey Bread: Honey Dabo by Kid World Citizen
Make this easy bread with your children from the land of honey.

And why not eating some French crepes? By La Cité des Vents
Recipes for French crêpes and toppings you can have with them: be creative and mix the cultures!

Kulfi a Frozen Dessert from India by Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes
Cooking with kids as a way of introducing them to another culture

10 Things I Learnt Cooking Indonesian Food with an Indonesian Expat – Plus a Bonus Culture Lesson by Life with a Double Buggy
Food is a great way to learn about new cultures – it’s not just about tastes but where the food comes from, the role food plays in a culture and society.

Persian-Inspired Summer Treats by All Done Monkey
Pomegranate popsicles and dairy-free pistachio ice cream

DIY Sushi Bar for Kids by The Educators’ Spin on it
Try your hand at rolling sushi! Talk and read about Japan too.

World Style Eating for Babies: Choose Garlic! By Lisa Lewis, M.D.
Sharing the health benefits of garlic, plus a healthy Lebanese soup recipe for babies.

Shakshuka In the Country of Men by A Crafty Arab
Libyan shakshuka is a very popular Middle East dish that has traveled to other countries in the region by immigration.

Ketupat Card Tutorial by A Crafty Arab
Ketupat, or sometimes also called Malay rice dumpling, is a type of food from the Indonesian / Malaysian part of the world. Make this card that looks like a ketupat package to give to family and friends.

Peruvian Beef Stir Fry by All Done Monkey
Learning about Peru through its cuisine

A Plate of Percebes in Portugal by Pint Size Gourmets
Percebes, also known as Goose Barnacles, are crustaceans that live and grow on rocks in the Atlantic ocean and widely popular in Portugal.

Sharing a Feast with Friends Teaches Kids about the World by The Educators’ Spin On It
Make, eat, and share your family’s cultural dishes with friends to teach kids about other cultures.

São Tome
Our family through food: São Tomé fish feijoada by The Piri-Piri Lexicon
How one dish we cooked as a family taught my children about their grandfather’s life and travels.

Boles de picolat [Around the world in Plates, a Global Table] by La Cité des Vents
A typical catalan dish. Better eaten with family or friends!

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