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Native American Heritage Month: The Power and Importance of Film | Multicultural Kid Blogs

Native American Heritage Month: The Power and Importance of Film

November is Native American Heritage Month and, for some, the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday has become an important opportunity to expand the canon, the stories, regarding Native Americans that are told, heard, shared and celebrated at this time.  Storytelling has been a part of human cultures since they began. In modern times, films are a prominent …

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10 Fun Facts About Cuba | Multicultural Kid Blogs

10 Fun Facts About Cuba

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by learning ten fun facts about Cuba. Find even more on our Fun Facts About Central America and the Caribbean page! Part of our Fun Facts for Kids series. 1. Cuba’s Indigenous People Tracing back to 4,000 BC, the hunter-gatherers Ciboney and Guanatabey were Cuba’s first indigenous people. Around 1,050 AD, …

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Summer Movies, Summer Learning | Multicultural Kid Blogs

Summer Movies, Summer Learning 

Chevalier and Other Films For Your Summer Watchlist For our family, summer is about movies! Blockbusters, stand-by favorites, the latest Spider-Verse movie, Marvel, all the biggies. But, over the years , I’ve learned that summer movies can also be about summer learning. I love finding films that are entertaining, enjoyable and that pull something into …

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Joyful, vibrant, celebratory background with bright yellow and confetti. Text across it reads: The Importance of Black Joy. Books, Film, Experiences, Celebrations: How Our Family Centers Black Joy

The Importance of Black Joy

An essential aspect of raising multicultural children is providing them with a broad understanding of the realities of the world they live in. In this world racial injustice persists, human rights are under attack, the effects of climate change are felt and youth depression rates are on the rise. Teaching our children about these realities, …

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