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A Random Acts of Kindness Series, in which a family dedicated a day to committing random acts of kindness.  14+ service projects that families can do together!


Last year for Ayyám-i-Há they published this great list of ideas for family service projects.
Last year for Ayyám-i-Há, Enable Me to Grow published this great list of ideas for family service projects.
Pennies of Time put together a list to help out the seniors in our community, 20+ Service Project Ideas to Help the Elderly


This post from Living Montessori Now on The 100 Acts of Kindness Project has great resources and ideas for kid-friendly service projects.
At the end of Hunger Action Month in October, The Good Long Road published this collection of resources from the bloggers of Moms Fighting Hunger.
Kid Stuff World sponsored 31 Days of Service in December, with new ideas for each day of the month.
Kid World Citizen has a list of 35 Service Projects for Kids.
Pennies of Time collaborated with foster moms for
30 Handmade Days put together a list of Over 30 Ideas and Printables for Random Acts of Kindness.

Moms Gone Global shares how to put together a Care Kit for the Homeless as well as links to other ideas for service projects to help the homeless population.

Organizations with Service Project Ideas

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