MKB Read Around the World Summer Reading Series 2019

Read Around the World Summer Reading Series 2017

Summer reading for kids from bloggers around the world.

Multicultural Kid Blogs is proud to be hosting our fourth annual Read Around the World Summer Reading Series, with great multicultural books for kids of all ages.  All posts will be shared on our Read Around the World Summer Reading Pinterest board (shown below), so be sure to follow!

Don’t miss our recommendations from 20142015, and 2016!

June 2
Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes on Multicultural Kid Blogs: Series Kick Off

June 5
All Done Monkey: Bessie, Queen of the Sky (ages 0-5)

June 7
Miss Panda Chinese: What Was It Like, Mr. Emperor? (ages 6-11)

June 9
Brynn in Brazil: The Hate U Give (ages 12 – young adult)

June 12
Castle View Academy: The Monkey King (ages 0-5)

June 14
True Aim Education: Fables Around the World – Race of Animals (ages 6-11)

June 16
Mama Tortuga: Island of the Blue Dolphins (ages 12 – young adult)

June 19
Raising a Trilingual Child: Ужаленный Уж (ages 0-5)

June 21
Motherhood Today: The Dancing Folktales (ages 6-11)

June 23
Crafty Moms Share: The Last Cherry Blossom (ages 12 – young adult)

June 26
MommyMaestra: Rooster – Gallo (ages 0-5)

June 28
Pack-n-Go Girls: Mystery of the Min Min Lights (ages 6-11)

June 30
Franticmommy: Moving Target (ages 12 – young adult)

July 3
Creative World of Varya: Golden Pages of Poems and Tales (ages 0-5)

July 5
Jump Into a Book: The Rock Maiden (ages 6-11)

July 7
All Done Monkey: Lucky Broken Girl (ages 12 – young adult)

July 10
Biracial Bookworms: The Tiny Traveler Egypt (ages 0-5)

July 12
Raising a Trilingual Child:
ABC’s of Russian Paintings
 (ages 6-11)

July 14
Little Nómadas: La Ciudad de las Bestias (ages 12 – young adult)

July 17
Meera Sriram: The Sky of Afghanistan (ages 0-5)

July 19
Multicultural Mama: Uncle Peter’s Amazing Chinese Wedding (ages 6-11)

July 21
Brynn in Brazil: Between Shades of Gray (ages 12 – young adult)

July 24
Pediatrician with a Passport: Whoever You Are (ages 0-5)

July 26
The Barefoot Mommy: I Lived on Butterfly Hill (ages 6-11)

July 28
Brynn in Brazil: The Sun Is Also a Star (ages 12 – young adult)

July 31
Bringing Up the Parks: My Mother’s Kitchen (ages 0-5)

August 2
Globe Trottin’ Kids: Waiting for the Biblioburro (ages 6-11)

August 4
The Logonauts: The Only Road (ages 12 – young adult)

August 7
the piri-piri lexicon: E and the Dolphin (ages 0-5)

August 9
Wise Owl Factory: A Single Shard (ages 6-11)

August 11
Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes: Letters from Heaven / Cartas del cielo (ages 12 – young adult)

August 14
Bringing Up the Parks: The Little Duckling (ages 0-5)

August 18
All Done Monkey: The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora (ages 12 – young adult)

August 21
The Tiger Tales: Ready Set Hatch! (ages 0-5)

August 23
Crafty Moms Share: Saraswati’s Way (ages 6-11)

August 25
La Cité des Vents: Les Gardiens du Louvre (ages 12 – young adult)

August 28
Creative World of Varya: The Two Brothers

August 31
Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes on Multicultural Kid Blogs: Series Closing

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