Read Around the World Summer Reading Series 2015

Read Around the World Summer Reading Series 2015 | Multicultural Kid Blogs

We are so excited for our 2nd Annual Read Around the World Summer Reading Series, with great books recommended by the bloggers of Multicultural Kid Blogs (and friends!)  Throughout the summer we will be sharing great books for the entire family!  Mondays are for ages 5 and under, Wednesdays for children ages 6-11, and Fridays for ages 12-young adults!  We’ll have some additional days sprinkled in, so can fit in even more great reads for you!

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Don’t miss our recommendations from last year’s series!

June 3
Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes on Multicultural Kid Blogs

June 4
All Done Monkey: Mystery of the Golden Temple (ages 6-11)

June 5
A Book Long Enough: Stella by Starlight (ages 12-Young Adult)

June 8
Let the Journey Begin: Die Eule mit der Beule (age 0-5)

June 10
Creative World of Varya: Magic Tree House series (ages 6-11)

June 12
Marie’s Pastiche: 10 Things I Hate About Me (ages 12-Young Adult)

June 15
Raising a Trilingual Child: Masha and Oika (ages 0-5)

June 17
Castle View Academy: Finn’s Causeway Adventure (ages 6-11)

June 18
Kid World Citizen: Take Me Out to the Yakyu (ages 6-11)

June 22
Montessori en Casa: Snuggle Up, Sleepy Ones (ages 0-5)

June 24
The Logonauts: Tales Told in Tents (ages 6-11)

June 25
Wonderaddo: Roberto Clemente, Pride of the Pittsburgh Pirates (ages 6-11)

June 26
Multilingual Parenting: The Summer Book (ages 12-Young Adult)

June 29
the piri-piri lexicon: Le livre qui parlait toutes les langues (ages 0-5)

July 1
Mama Tortuga: Braids/Trencitas (ages 6-11)

July 2
Miss Panda Chinese: Adventures of the Treasure Fleet: China Discovers the World (ages 6-11)

July 3
Kitchen Counter Chronicles: Where I Belong (ages 12-Young Adult)

July 6
Spanish Playground: Finding the Music/En pos de la música (ages 0-5)

July 7
The Tiger Tales: Tales from Around the World (ages 0-5)

July 8
Raising a Trilingual Child: The Turtle and the Island (ages 6-11)

July 10
All Done Monkey: Esperanza Rising (ages 12-Young Adult)

 July 13
Aisha the Indian Princess: Aisha the Indian Princess Visits Great Britain (ages 0-5)

July 15
Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes: Mama Panya’s Pancakes (ages 6-11)

July 20
Spanglish House: Growing Up Pedro (ages 0-5)

July 22
La Cité des Vents: La Galette du Roi Soleil (ages 6-11)

July 23
True Aim: One Grain of Rice (ages 6-11)

July 24
Raising a Trilingual Child: Poems of All Times
(ages 12-Young Adult)

July 27
Russian Step by Step for Children: Rainbow Flower (ages 0-5)

July 29
Creative World of Varya: Mishyonok Pik (ages 6-11)

July 30
Smart Tinker: Hating Kapatid (ages 6-11)

July 31
La Cité des Vents: The 3 Investigators  (ages 12-Young Adult)

August 3
Brynn in Brazil: O Noivado de Emilia (ages 0-5)

August 5
MotherTongues: Dokter Me Di Syn (ages 6-11)

August 7
A Book Long Enough: Gone Crazy in Alabama (ages 12-Young Adult)

August 10
Russian Step by Step for Children: Russian Fairy Tales (ages 0-5)

August 12
MommyMaestra: Drum Dream Girl (ages 6-11)

August 14
Jump into a Book: Stork (ages 12-Young Adult)

 August 17
Kidz Activities: Wombat Stew (ages 0-5)

August 19
A Book Long Enough: Handle with Care (ages 6-11)

August 21
Something 2 Offer: 33 Multicultural Tales to Tell (ages 12-Young Adult)

August 24
Brynn in Brazil: The Elephant’s Friend and Other Tales from Ancient India (ages 0-5)

August 26
Spanglish House: Tales Alive! (ages 6-11)


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