Christmas in Different Lands 2014

Christmas in Different Lands 2014 | Multicultural Kid Blogs Starting December 1! Last year’s Christmas in Different Lands series was such a hit, we’re making it an annual event!  Travel the world with us as we visit the festivities in countries from Wales to Croatia, France to the Philippines, Mexico, the US and more! You can follow along using the schedule below.  You’ll also find all these posts and more on our group Pinterest board, Christmas Around the World.

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Celebrate Christmas Around the World Printable Pack from Multicultural Kid Blogs

December 1
Crafty Moms Share on Multicultural Kid Blogs: Advent Around the World

December 2
Dad’s the way I like it: Wales
Adventure in a Box: Canada

December 3
American Mom in Bordeaux: France
Chasing the Donkey: Croatia

December 4
Planet Smarty Pants: Germany

December 5
Rue du Belvedere: England/France

December 6
Adventures in Mommydom: Sweden

December 7
Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes: Puerto Rico

December 8
Finding Dutchland: The Netherlands

December 9
Lou Messugo: France
Montessori en Casa: Spain

December 10
the piri-piri lexicon: UK

December 11
Teach Me Mommy: South Africa

December 12
Marie’s Pastiche: French Canada
Raising a Trilingual Child: Italy

December 13
Russian Step By Step for Children: Russia

December 14
Expat Since Birth: Italy, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands

December 15
All Done Monkey: US

December 16
Let the Journey Begin: Latvia
Cuddles and Crumbs: The Philippines

December 17
Crafty Moms Share: US
Sand In My Toes: Dubai

December 18
Smart Tinker: Christmas Wreaths

December 19
La Cité des Vents: Catalonia

December 20
Bare Feet on the Dashboard: Spain

December 21
La Cité des Vents: Cameroon

December 22
Cutting Tiny Bites: Italy

December 23
Creative World of Varya: China

December 24
the piri-piri lexicon on Multicultural Kid Blogs: Our Multicultural Holidays in Pictures

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