Fun Facts Series: Holidays Around the World

Holidays and celebrations are a wonderful way to learn about another culture or religion! They can tell us what values are celebrated and what events and people are important enough to be commemorated. Even the same holiday may be celebrated differently in different countries! Moreover, holidays are special times that highly anticipated and have a significant emotional impact. Below find fun facts to share with kids about holidays around the world, shared by those with first hand experience. Part of our Fun Facts Series.

Holidays Around the World: Fun Facts for Kids

Learn fun facts for kids about holidays around the world!

Bahá’í Fast

Children’s Day in Japan

Chinese New Year


Celebrate Christmas Around the World! Activity Pack

Advent Around the World

Catholic Advent Traditions

Christmas in Bethlehem

Christmas in Chile

Christmas in Czech Republic

Christmas in Denmark

Christmas in Ethiopia

Christmas in Guatemala

Christmas LDS Traditions

Christmas in Japan

Christmas in the Philippines

Christmas in Poland

Christmas in Russia


Epiphany in France

Martinmas in Germany

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead in Guatemala

Day of the Dead in Poland



Easter Around the World

Carnival in Spain

Carnival in Venice

Easter in Guatemala

Easter in Latvia

Easter in the Netherlands

Easter in the Philippines

Easter in Spain

Pascha: Greek Orthodox Traditions

Dragon Boat Festival

Eid ul-Adha and Hajj



Krishna Janmashtami

Lantern Festival


Mawlid in Africa

New Year’s

New Year’s in Chile

New Year’s in Russia




Raksha Bandhan


Ramadan in Iran

Ramadan in Malaysia

Eid Al Fitr

Rosh Hashanah




Summer Solstice

Midsummer in Scandinavia

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Around the World

Valentine’s Day in Mexico


Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice in Northern Europe

Celebrate Christmas Around the World Printable Pack from Multicultural Kid Blogs

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