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Looking for resources to raise little world citizens? In this membership directory, you will find a list of our member blogs, along with the main topics covered in each. Our members cover a wide range of topics, from parenting to education and travel. What unites us is a desire to to inspire and support families, caregivers, educators, and community members raising the next generation of global citizens. Read more about Multicultural Kid Blogs.

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Membership Directory: Multicultural Kid Blogs

Mia Wenjen

Pragmatic Mom: Multicultural Kids’ Books

Mia Wenjen blogs on diverse children’s books and education at She is also an author of children’s books.

All Done Monkey

All Done Monkey, Multicultural Kids’ Books, Multicultural Education

Leanna is the founder of Multicultural Kid Blogs. Her blog All Done Monkey focuses on parenting, bilingualism, global education, diverse books, & raising world citizens.

Language Lizard

Language Lizard, Multilingualism, Learning about Culture

Our Language & Literacy Blog ( provides engaging resources for teaching dual language learners about language and culture.

Ute's International Lounge and Academy

Ute’s International Lounge, Multilingualism, Third Culture Kids

Ute’s International Lounge provides information for raising multilingual, multicultural children and intercultural communication in international settings, including 3 YouTube channels.

Chalk Academy

Chalk Academy, Teaching Languages, Multicultural Parenting

Chalk Academy was created by pediatrician Dr. Betty Choi, who is raising bilingual children in a monolingual community. The website features positive parenting tips, fun activities, and effective resources in English, Chinese, and Korean.

Are Those Your Kids, Multicultural Education, Multicultural Parenting

Bicultural Mama, Multicultural Kids’ Books, Multicultural Parenting

The Book of Life: A Podcast About Jewish Kidlit (Mostly), Multicultural Kids’ Books, World Religions for Kids

Crafty Moms Share, Multicultural Kids’ Books, Multicultural Kids’ Crafts

Creative World of Varya, Expat Life, Teaching Global Citizenship

Discovering Español, Multicultural Education, Multilingualism

The Educators Spin On It, Multicultural Kids’ Activities, Multicultural Parenting

Growing Up Bilingual, Multicultural Cooking, Third Culture Kids

Growing Up Gupta, Multicultural Parenting, Multicultural Marriage

Jambo Books, Multicultural Kids’ Books, Teaching Diversity

The Logonauts, Multicultural Kids’ Books, Multicultural Education

Maple and Marigold, Multicultural Cooking, Teaching Diversity

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa, Multicultural Kids’ Music, Multicultural Education

Mixed Up Clothing, Multicultural Kids’ Fashion, Teaching Diversity

Nanani World, Multicultural Parenting, Teaching Global Citizenship

Pura Vida Moms, Multicultural Cooking, Travel with Kids

Raising World Children, Multicultural Kids’ Books, Multicultural Parenting

Raising TCKs, Expat Life, Third Culture Kids

Saffron and Cyrus, Multicultural Education, Multicultural Parenting

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