Read Around the World Summer Reading Series 2019

Summer reading for kids from bloggers around the world

Multicultural Kid Blogs is proud to be hosting our sixth annual Read Around the World Summer Reading Series, with great multicultural books for kids of all ages.  All posts will be shared on our Read Around the World Summer Reading Pinterest board (shown below), so be sure to follow!

Don’t miss our recommendations from 20142015, 2016, 2017, and 2018!

June 3
All Done Monkey on Multicultural Kid Blogs: Series Kick Off

June 5
LadydeeLG: Be Bold! Be Brave! / ¡Sé Audaz, Sé Valiente! (ages 6-11)

June 7
Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes: A Mystery Bigger Than Big / Un misterio más grande que grandísimo (ages 12 – young adult)

June 10
Pura Vida Moms: Alma and How She Got Her Name (ages 0-5)

June 12
Hispanic Mama: ZeeZee Can Save the Planet / ZeeZee puede salvar el planeta (ages 6-11)

June 14
The Art of Home Education: The Girl Who Drank the Moon (ages 12 – young adult)

June 17
Creative World of Varya: Baby, I Love You (ages 0-5)

June 19
MommyMaestra: Kutu, the Tiny Inca Princess (ages 6-11)

June 21
Living Ideas: Gemma (ages 12 – young adult)

June 24
Jambo Books: I Love Saturdays and Domingos (ages 0-5)

June 26
Spanish Playground: A Library for Juana (ages 6-11)

June 28
Raising World Children: Seymour and Hau (ages 12 – young adult)

July 1
Alizeh My Soul: The Yellow Cow (ages 0-5)

July 3
Bookworms and Owls: 90 Miles to Havana (ages 6-11)

July 5
Jeddah Mom: The Adventures of Joy Sun Bear: The Blue Amber of Sumatra (ages 12 – young adult)

July 8
The Multilingual Home: Allah Made Us All Different (ages 0-5)

July 10
Creative World of Varya: Grimm’s Fairy Tales (Mandarin) (ages 6-11)

July 12
All Done Monkey: New Kid (ages 12 – young adult)

July 15
Kids Spanish Book Club: Sol Solecito/Little Sunny Sunshine (ages 0-5)

July 17
All Done Monkey: Meet Yasmin (ages 6-11)

July 19
Bookworms and Owls: The Education of Margot Sanchez (ages 12 – young adult)

July 22
Raising World Children: The Bully and the Shrimp (ages 0-5)

July 24
Lisa Lewis, MD: How the Finch Got His Color (ages 6-11)

July 26
All Done Monkey: The God Gene Chronicles – The Secret of the Gods (ages 12 – young adult)

July 29
Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes: De Colores (ages 0-5)

July 31
Kid World Citizen: Azzi in Between (ages 6-11)

August 2
Maritere Rodriguez Bellas: No Limits to Greatness (ages 6-11)

August 5
Malta Mum: My Two Blankets (ages 0-5)

August 7
Globe Trottin’ Kids: Magic Ramen – The Story of Momofuku Ando (ages 6-11)

August 9
Brown Paper: More to the Story (ages 12 – young adult)

August 12
Raising World Children: I Am Enough (ages 0-5)

August 16
Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes: El cartero del espacio (ages 12 – young adult)

August 19
Baby Devotions: The Children of God Storybook Bible (ages 0-5)

August 21
Joy Sun Bear: Let’s Celebrate Krishna’s Birthday! (ages 6-11)

August 23
The Wise Owl Factory: Parvana’s Journey (ages 12 – young adult)

August 26
Creative World of Varya: The Peace Book (ages 0-5)

August 28
The Multilingual Home: Sport Goofy Encyclopedia (all ages)

August 30
Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes on Multicultural Kid Blogs – Series Closing

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