The role of language in raising global citizens

5 reasons why bilingual children grow up to be open-minded

Olena Centeno is a Ukrainian who lives in USA with her American husband and four children. She founded Bilingual Kids Rock as the way to connect to other multicultural families and share her experience on raising bilingual children. Olena is also the host of Bilingual Kids Rock Podcast where she interviews parents and professionals about their experiences with multilingualism.
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Language and culture

Marianna Du Bosq is a bilingual mother, former educator and lifetime language learner. She is the host of the Bilingual Avenue podcast meant to guide parents on what to do, how to do it & what to expect when raising bilingual children.  Born in Caracas, Venezuela, her family moved to the United States during her teenage years and her passion for language learning began!
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How language skills help you connect with other cultures

Rita Rosenback is an author, Family Language Coach, blogger at Multilingual Parenting and speaker, who was born in Finland and now lives in the UK. Rita’s two daughters were the inspiration for her book: “Bringing up a Bilingual Child”, an easy-to-read guide for parents navigating them across the “Seven Cs of Multilingual Parenting: Communication, Confidence, Commitment, Consistency, Creativity, Culture and Celebration”.
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