Easter Around the World 2015

Easter Around the World 2015 | Multicultural Kid Blogs

The Christian holiday Easter is associated with such wonderful rich traditions around the globe: Explore them with us, as we learn about the how the holiday is celebrated in different parts of the world.  And don’t miss this wonderful overview of global Easter traditions.  You can also find these posts and more on our Easter Around the World Pinterest board:

March 18
Crafty Moms Share on Multicultural Kid Blogs: The History of Easter

March 19
Crafty Moms Share: The Philippines

March 23
All Done Monkey: Ethiopia – Defo Dabo Bread
Lou Messugo: France – Chocolates at the Patisserie

March 25
Scrambled Nest: India – Indari Appam from Kerala

March 26
Let the Journey Begin: Latvia – Coloring Easter Eggs

March 27
Mommy Maleta on Multicultural Kid Blogs: Easter Eggs Around the World

March 30
Españolita…¡Sobre la Marcha! on Multicultural Kid Blogs: Spain – Family, Food, and ¡Fiesta! 

March 31
Marie’s Pastiche: Lebanon

April 1
Island Mum Journey: Denmark

April 2
Crafty Moms Share on Multicultural Kid Blogs: Guatemala

April 7
Russian Step by Step for Children: Russian Orthodox Celebration in the US – Decorating Kulich and Coloring Eggs

April 8
Just Another Mom: United States

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