Celebrating Easter Around The World

Celebrating Easter Around The World | Multiculturalkidblogs

Celebrate Easter around the world with us!  As Easter approaches, our stores are filled with Easter bunnies and candy. They’re getting ready for the influx of families coming to celebrate. Families eagerly grab all of their essentials to get their homes ready for Easter. They decorate their homes with Easter bunnies, get food for Easter dinner, and of course all the candy!

Every family has their own little traditions. You may color your eggs or maybe you use stickers. You may go to church Sunday morning or maybe you stay home and start your Easter egg hunt early.However you choose to celebrate Easter, it’s unique to your family. We all put our own spin on it! Today let’s take a look at how families around the world celebrate!

Celebrating Easter Around The World | Multiculturalkidblogs

Celebrating Easter Around The World


In Bermuda, you will see kites everywhere on Easter day. Kids fly kites to celebrate Christ’s ascension to heaven. It’s also a fun way to get the whole family together to have fun!


Some Europeans follow an old Saxon tale and light big Easter bonfires! It’s said to chase away the winter. Families still do it to this day, but now it’s a fun way to build community and do something with the whole town!


In Haiti, you will see a lot of dancing because Easter time is celebrated with a big parade! They get together and play “rara” music on bamboo trumpets, drums, maracas, and cans. Over the years they have blended together different Catholic and voodoo traditions to celebrate Easter.


Holy Week is very important in Argentina. Many people practice lent where they give up eating meat. They exchange eggs with friends and then they celebrate Easter day with a huge barbeque! Everyone comes out and they put on Easter egg hunts as well.


Catholicism is heavily practiced in Lebanon so many church members fast for 40 days. At the end of their fast, they celebrate by going to Mass and enjoying a meal of lamb and eggs. If you look around at their homes, you’ll also see elaborate and ornate Easter decorations everywhere!


Scotland has a tradition all kids love! Families go to parks with big hills and roll down them! The hills symbolize rolling the stone away from Jesus’ tomb.


Holy week is celebrated with a carnival of sorts where they have music, food, and celebrations. The whole town comes together to celebrate together!


Kids dress up as Easter witches. They wear old rags and clothes and hand out cards and trinkets in exchange for eggs and candy.


Church bells are rung every day in France. However, all the bells stop during the three days leading up to Easter. It’s said to stop so they can travel to Rome to be blessed. It’s also a sign of mourning for Jesus’ death. Easter Sunday is the day to celebrate and they start the bells back up again!

United States

The main focus in the United States is the Easter Bunny! Families put on big Easter Egg hunts and give kids candy and treats. A lot of families get together for a big Easter dinner as well.

How does your family celebrate Easter?

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