10 Foolproof Plants for Interiors

Tired of having a stuffy home? Are you looking for a way to bring in greenery in your home without worrying if you’ll kill it immediately? There are many different plants that are perfect for indoor spaces. These wonderful plants are foolproof to nurture. They will increase the oxygen in the air and add a pop of color to your interiors.

Check out these 10 foolproof indoor plants that will make your home a healthier and happier place to be.

1. Spider Plants

Source: Wikimedia Commons

These plants, which boast long, glossy leaves, are one of the prettiest indoor plants. The biggest perk of having it is the boost of oxygen it will give your room. It can survive without water or heavy sunlight for weeks at a time. The only hiccup with this option is that spider plants are not an animal-friendly choice. If you have a cat or a dog, this would not be a viable option for your home.

2. Dracaena

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This plant is full of long, bushy leaves that need a hot, dry place, between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The Dracaena plants need direct light, so place them in front of a window to reach their peak height.

3. Echeveria

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Echeveria plants are part of the succulent family which have been extremely popular houseplants in the past few years. They come in a variety of colors to match your room to a ‘T’. The blooms are easy to keep up with, you just have to saturate the soil with water (careful, not to flood it). Keep it by the window for the best results.

4. Aloe

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Aloe plant has multi-purposes and is my favorite house plant of all. Aloe is great for many things, including cleaner air. The leaves can be cracked off easily without hurting the plant permanently. The gel inside the leaves can be used to soothe burns, and can be a great serum for facial and sensitive skin. Throw it in your hair as a deep-conditioning hair mask (stir in some avocado oil, and some honey, and you’ll thank me!).

5. English Ivy

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This beautiful plant is considered a “climbing plant.” They need to be potted and hung up high. You can add stakes in the pot to change the direction the branches grow. The plant will grow vertically to wrap around the stakes. All English Ivy needs is moist, cooler temperatures. Water them every week, and they’ll be perfectly fine.

6. Pothos

Source: Wikimedia Commons

One of the easiest plants to manage is the Porthos Plant. They need a minimal amount of light, making them ideal for bathrooms or offices. Pots can be hung or they can rest easily on table tops for low-maintenance décor.

7. Ferns

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The fern plant needs a shady place to allow them to last and grow for years. They don’t need direct sunlight, and you can keep them in hot, humid rooms in the house. Plus, you can pluck off leaves and replant them to produce many more plants for years to come.

8. Rubber Plant

Source: Wikimedia Commons

These plants are some of the prettiest, because of their big, glossy leaves. If left untouched for generations they can reach about 100 feet tall in places like Asia. The leaves are durable and can withstand toddlers with active hands.

9. Dieffenbachia

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Dieffenbachia plant needs to stay near a window and covered with a curtain so that it has filtered light. These beautiful, multi-colored plants will last for a long time with little light, soil, and water.

10. Philodendron

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Philodendrons are amazing houseplants that give the feel of living in the tropics. These plants come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. The Philodendrons can survive with little to no attention for weeks at a time.

Thank you for reading about 10 foolproof plants for interiors, and I hope that one will work in your home!

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