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Best4Future Bilingual/Chinese Bookstore

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Discount for MKB readers: holiday15, 15% off everything,
11/25/2013 – 12/31/2013

This Chinese/bilingual bookstore provides quality Chinese/bilingual books, textbooks, dictionaries, CDs, DVDs, softwares and games for children and parents.

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Little Pim

Little PimDiscount for MKB readers: LPHOLIDAY, 20% off any product on the Little Pim website.

Leanna of All Done Monkey says: “Little Pim materials are fun and engaging.  Our DVD even got my reluctant bilingual child speaking Spanish again!”  (Read her review).

Little Pim Chinese, French, and Spanish Discovery Sets (as pictured below) are now available in Toys R Us stores nationwide.

Little Pim*****



Promotion for MKB readers: Free shipping on any of the Whistlefritz collections (the Deluxe Collection, Complete Collection, or Educator’s Collection)

Jennifer of Spanish Playground says: “These DVDs and songs are designed to help kids learn Spanish. They are engaging and well-designed, with no translation and lots of entertaining, accessible language.” (Read her review).

Whistlefritz - DVD

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