Fun Facts Series

“Did you know…?” is perhaps one of the best ways to start a conversation! Who doesn’t have their curiosity piqued when they hear this simple phrase? If you want to interest children in exploring other cultures or learning about faraway places, you don’t need to rely on dry lists of statistics. Tantalize them with fun facts that will interest them in learning more.

Our fun facts series collects these fascinating nuggets of information about countries, cities, and regions around the world, from people who have lived there! From the West to the East, our series spans the globe in a collection that is ever expanding. Follow along and learn from local experts as they share hidden gems that will excite curiosity and bring another part of the world just a little closer.

The fun facts series is organized geographically, to make them easier to find. There are also two bonus sections: Holidays Around the World and World Religions. New posts are published all the time, so be sure to check back for new ones!

Fun Facts Series


Asia and the Pacific


Middle East and North Africa

North America

Central America and the Caribbean

South America

Latin America

Holidays Around the World


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