Pinterest Scavenger Hunt

Multicultural Kid Blogs Pinterest Scavenger Hunt

July 15 – 28 on Multicultural Kid Blogs

Join us this summer as we set off on an adventure to explore the blogs of Multicultural Kid Blogs!  Play along for a chance to win one of our fabulous prizes!

How to Play

Create a Pinterest board specifically for the contest and name the board “Multicultural Kid Blogs Pinterest Scavenger Hunt.”

Each day a new clue (or two!) will be revealed.  Follow the clue to the blog of the day and pin the post described in the clue.  (Any image from the post is fine).

In the Rafflecopter below, enter the link to the Pinterest board you created for this contest.  The Rafflecopter will also have lots of other ways to  earn extra entries.  The only required entry is the link to your Pinterest board.

Please note: You can enter the Rafflecopter at any point during the contest.  Obviously your board won’t be complete until the end of the contest, but you can enter the link in the Rafflecopter before then.  If your name is drawn at the end of the contest, we will check your board at that time.

The final clue will be given July 28.  Participants will have until midnight Pacific time on July 31 to finalize their boards.  The drawing will take place on August 1.

Winners must submit a Pinterest board with all of the correct posts pinned.  Winners will be notified via email and must respond within 48 hours or another name will be drawn.

Good luck, explorers!

Our Fabulous Prizes

GRAND PRIZE PACKAGE (Total Value $128.74)

Language Learning Box Set (3 DVDs) from Little Pim ($49.95): The Little Pim Box Set Volume I is a great way to introduce young learners to over 180 words and phrases in the language of your choice related to daily routines, food, and playtime!  Winner can choose the language of the prize from among those available from Little Pim.  (US Shipping Only.  If the grand prize winner is located outside the US, the Language Learning Box Set will become part of the 1st prize package).

Little Pim Spanish Box Set Vol. I3 Month Subscription from Little Passports ($41.85): Little Passports is a unique subscription based service that can take your family on an adventure to learn about culture and history from all 50 states and across the world. With this educational, monthly package, kids will become excited about geography, history, and culture by following the world travels of characters Sam and Sofia on their magic scooter!  Winner chooses between World and USA editions.

LP World Explorer Kit
Luke’s Beach Day storybook from Kids Yoga Stories ($15.95): Yoga-inspired story set on an Australian beach

The Skin You Live In book from Squishable Baby ($16): A book that celebrates the beauty in all of us.

The Skin You Live In_Large

One copy of Be Bilingual: Practical Ideas for Multilingual Families (eBook) from Be Bilingual ($4.99): A well-researched yet highly readable book on raising bilingual children.

1st PRIZE PACKAGE (Total Value: $104.88) US shipping only

Two books from Lee & Low ($29.90):

Rainbow Stew by Cathryn Falwell: Released in May 2013, Rainbow Stew follows three African American children and their grandfather as they pick fresh vegetables in his garden to cook up a lunch on a rainy afternoon.

Rainbow Stew Cover

How Far Do You Love Me? by Lulu Delacre: From the Swiss Alps Mountain Range to the Great Barrier Reef, How Far Do You Love Me? takes readers across the seven continents in a new take on the “I love you” game.

How Far Do You Love Me? Cover

Educational toy from Plushkies ($24.99): Plushkies are educational toys in the shape of countries to awaken a curiosity in kids about the world, travel, & culture.


Spanish language bundle from Spanish Playground ($20): traditional wooden toys and digital downloads.  Wooden chicken paddle toy and wooden top (una pirinola) to play “toma todo.” Digital downloads of Spanish language story-coloring book Los pollitos and animal activity cards.Los Pollitos - Spanish Playground

One copy of the Bamboo Dance and one passport ($14.99) from Hartlyn Kids: An illustrated children’s book about the day in the life of a child in the Philippines. The book contains a mock passport sticker. Also included is an accompanying mock passport.Phillipines Story - Hartlyn Kids

Caxixi Woven Rattle From Africa from World Music with Daria ($10): Awesome fair trade woven rattle from Ghana

Caxixi Rattle

One copy of Be Bilingual: Practical Ideas for Multilingual Families (eBook) from Be Bilingual ($4.99) See details above

2nd PRIZE PACKAGE (Total Value: $36.99)

Fire and Gold digital download from Nightingale Creations ($10): A CD on the theme of tests and difficulties

2 sets of postcards and a notepad from Paper Papel Papier ($22): eco & multilingual-friendly paper goods

Paper Papel PapierOne copy of Be Bilingual: Practical Ideas for Multilingual Families (eBook) from Be Bilingual ($4.99) See details above

3rd PRIZE PACKAGE (Total Value: $29.95)

One copy of Ramadan Cookbook and Meal Plan (eBooks) from MarocMama ($18): Two ebooks featuring traditional (and some less traditional!) Ramadan recipes and meal ideas

Ramadan Nights

One copy of Coconut Oil For Your Skin (eBook) from Hybrid Rasta Mama ($11.95): an eBook filled with nourishing and simple recipes for skin care and hair care products featuring coconut oil as the main ingredient.

Cooking Oil For Your Skin_Ecover1000px


Scavenger Hunt Schedule

(Clues will be added as they are revealed)

July 15

All Done Monkey: “My mom’s mom is a bit nutty.”

Crystal’s Tiny Treasures: “You won’t be ‘pressed’ for time making these.”

July 16

The Squishable Baby: “I’m Giving Away Something That is Super Soft and Squishy – Perfect For a Baby’s Bum”

SpanglishBaby: “Five easy ways to be committed to your child’s language learning.”

July 17

Be Bilingual: “Learning a 3rd language at Denny’s.”

July 18

the piri-piri lexicon: “Soundbites and pictures made the day.”

MommyMaestra: “Enjoy the beach from home!”

July 19

Creative World of Varya: “I am brown. I am sweet. I am a child’s perfect treat!”

Expat Life With a Double Buggy: “Are you parenting one of the 20%?”

July 20

Sprout’s Bookshelf: “This isn’t Pixar’s Story”

Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns: “Sweden, Germany, India, Austria, Canada, UK”

July 21

Open Wide the World: “The Sound Effects of International Food”

MotherTongues: “Why is the sky blue? Why do I have to share? Why do mosquitoes exist?”

July 22

MarocMama: “Building castles in the sand with these, isn’t just for kids, but this list with a similar name will guarantee a summer of fun!”

Head of the Heard: “A round of applause after two years.”

July 23

For the Love of Spanish: “A “berry” special bear treat.”

Kid World Citizen: “Follow this clue to a global water hole.”

July 24

InCultureParent: “Find something to read to your kids about the Muslim holiday being celebrated this month.”

Moms Gone Global: “On the hunt for a massive dome and a giant pinecone!”

July 25

Crafty Moms Share: “Travel the world to stretch the week.”

The Art of Home Education: “It is the language of giraf’s. Why? Because they have such a big heart.”

July 26

The European Mama: “An animal and three letters?”

Spanish Playground: “Kids learn language with a little help from an eight-legged friend.”

July 27

Vibrant Wanderings: “This cake can help your kids develop their cultural identity.”

A Hotchpotch Hijabi in Italy: “Edible prayer always delivers.”

July 28

Kids Yoga Stories: “Learn another language through music, cooking, treats, reading, videos, games, travel, and yoga.”

Adventure Bee: “Iced tea is a surprise in Penang.”

Final day to enter the contest is July 31, 2013, at midnight PDT.  Drawing will take place on August 1, 2013.

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