Easter Eggs Around The World

Some of my best childhood Easter memories were annual outings to a Ukrainian Easter bazaar with my mom.  At the bazaar older ladies wearing babushkas made, cooked and sold pierogies out of a hot, steamy church kitchen. Other vendors stood behind tables lined with rosettes, kolaczki, sweet breads, and a myriad of other to-die-for baked goods.

Easter Eggs Around The World
Kolaczki Similar To Those At The Ukrainian Bazaar

Image via Flickr by Kurman Communications

And while I loved all these foods, my favorite part of the bazaar was looking at all of the intricately designed Easter eggs. Some of the eggs were blown eggs, meaning tiny holes were poked on each end of the egg and the insides were blown out, leaving only the shell behind. They were extremely delicate.

Easter Eggs Around The World
Traditional Ukrainian Blown Eggs called Pysanka

Image via Flickr by Stephen

My mom and I always bypassed the blown eggs, however, and headed straight for the wooden eggs. My mom tried to arrive as early as she could to select uniquely painted eggs that she could add to our growing collection. Part of the challenge was to find patterns that we had never seen before. I suppose it was our own special Easter egg hunt.

Now that my mom is in heaven, these eggs are treasures that I proudly display in our home each spring. I can almost smell the Ukrainian church kitchen again as I arrange the little works of art in baskets and and tiny egg stands.

Easter Eggs Around The World
Ukrainian Eggs From My Collection

These memories prompted me to think about Easter eggs around the world. What do eggs from other countries look like? What stories and memories are other grandmas, grandpas, moms, and dads passing on to their grandchildren and kids?

I decided to search for photos of Easter eggs around the world to see what I could find. I hope you’ll enjoy looking at this collection with me. And please, if any of these photos spark a memory or story of your own, share it in the comment section below. After all, when memories and stories are shared, we begin to unlock real treasures.

Five Easter Eggs From Around The World


Easter Eggs From Around The World

Image via Wikimedia by Werner 100359

Easter markets are colorful and common in Austria. I wonder if I could find eggs like these in the markets today.



Image Via Flickr by Michael

I also grew up eating the Greek Easter bread called Tsoureki. I love the bright red Greek Easter eggs. They are dyed red in memory of the blood of Christ.


Easter Eggs Around The World

Young boys learn the following rhyme to sing to girls on Easter Monday in Hungary…
Through the greenwood going
I saw a violet growing
I saw it start to wither
Can I water this flower?


Easter Eggs Around The World

Image via Wikimedia by Brianjester

Like some of the Ukrainian eggs, Washi eggs are first blown to remove the contents. The egg is then covered with beautiful rectangular or triangular washi paper.


Easter Eggs Around The World
Rose Trellis Egg

Image via Wikipedia public domain

Gorgeous, jeweled Fabergé eggs were made by Peter Carl Fabergé and company between 1885 and 1917. The most famous eggs were made for Russian Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II. They were Easter gifts for their wives and mothers. They are often called Imperial Fabergé eggs.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse of Easter eggs from around the world. Maybe some of these designs will inspire you to blend history and tradition into your holiday decor. What are some special holiday traditions you and your family cherish?

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  1. These eggs are beautiful! I have fond memories of making Ukrainian eggs as a child. The best part was carefully rubbing off the wax at the end to reveal the multi colored designs:)

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