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Carnival Traditions of Venezuela

Carnival (Carnaval in Spanish) is a festivity that takes place in many countries around the world. From the vivacious colors of the costumes worn by many in the Carnaval Andino in Chile to the flamboyance of Venice’s all-time favorite celebrations, Carnival continues to be an occasion to pay homage to music, art, dance, and creativity like […]

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10 Fun Facts about Venezuela for kids. Find our more about this fascinating South American country!

10 Fun Facts About Venezuela For Kids

Venezuela, officially known as the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is a South American country that has over 31 million people, stunning scenery and nice tropical weather that makes swimming in the Caribbean Sea a year-round activity for many Venezuelans and tourists. Sounds great, right? Let’s learn more about this charming region through these 10 fun

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Christmas Desserts Around the World

Today, I take you on a little (partial) world tour of Christmas desserts and treats in three infographics. I hope you have a sweet tooth! Together with the help of our amazing MKB blogging family, I have managed to compile a list of some typical Christmas desserts and sweets people in different countries enjoy. The

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Advent Around the World

Today we are kicking off our fun Christmas in Different Lands Blog Hop. To start this year’s blog hop we are discussing Advent Around the World. Advent is the time to prepare for Christmas. The word Advent means “coming” or  “arrival”. During the month before Christmas, Christians prepare for the Advent of Jesus Christ. The

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