12 Diverse Easter Books

Celebrate Easter around the world with this list of 12 diverse Easter books. You may also enjoy these Easter foods from around the world.

Easter is on its way! I love picture books that center on different holidays. I also love books with diverse characters. So combining those two loves, I made a little list of Easter books featuring diverse main characters.

Picture Book Recommendations: Diverse Easter Books to Read with the Kids

Chicken Sunday by Patricia Polacco

This is a beautiful story based on the author’s childhood memories. A young Russian American girl and her African American neighbors set about the business of buying their grandmother a new Easter hat. With twists and turns involving some Russian Easter eggs, the children search for a way to buy the perfect Easter hat.

Let’s Celebrate Jesus on Easter  by Amy Beveridge

This book shows little ones that Easter is about more than just candy and colored eggs. It’s about Jesus! This book explores festivities children will recognize around the holiday and points them to Jesus as the reason we celebrate. One thing that I love about this book is that it centers around an Asian-American family! The Christian Children’s Book industry is growing in reflecting the racial diversity of the church. However, I have found very few, if any, others that center around an Asian family as the main characters. This book really is a treasure.

Easter by Miriam Nerlove

This fun book features the Easter festivities of two children. With beautiful illustrations and flowing rhymes, follow this family as they enjoy Easter baskets, go to church, and search for colored eggs.

Painted Eggs and Chocolate Bunnies by Toni Trent Parker

Fun rhymes and joyful photos of young African-American Children fill this book with celebrations of Easter. From egg hunts to Easter bonnets, this sturdy book will delight small children.

Easter in Ramallah by Wafa Shami

This beautiful story is based on the childhood memories of the author growing up in Palestine. This story highlights all the festivities, love, and friendship of Easter time from the perspective of a child.

A Very Happy Easter by Tim Thornborough

This book is a fun way for little ones to experience all the emotions of the Easter story. From Palm Sunday to the Resurrection, this book guides little ones to experience the Easter story in a new way.

Miz Fannie Mae’s Fine New Easter Hat by Melissa Milich

Tandy and her father set out to buy her mother a new Easter hat. After much deliberation, they settle on a gorgeous one topped with flowers, four little eggs, and a big surprise. On Easter Sunday, the eggs hatch!

Emma’s Easter by Lisa Bullard

Easter egg hunts, candy, church services, and big family meals. Follow Emma on her Easter Day, and learn about the different ways people celebrate.

The Holy Moly Easter Story by Rebecca Glaser

Follow Jesus in his last days. From his entrance into Jerusalem to his resurrection. This story tells the religious Easter story in a way that children can understand.

Dance of the Eggshells: Baile de los Cascarones by Carla Aragón

Cascarones are a beloved Easter tradition in Latin American culture. This story is about two siblings that go to visit their grandparents in Santa Fe, New Mexico. While they are there, their grandmother eagerly teaches them about the tradition of the cascarones, and the siblings’ relationship is put to the test during the “Baile de los Cascarones.”

Sawdust Carpets by Amelia Lau Carling

A Chinese family visits their cousins in Guatemala over the Easter holiday. In Guatemala, there is a tradition of making sawdust carpets that will be later trampled and ruined by the Easter procession. The children in the story make one of these carpets, and one of them worries when she realizes it will be ruined. However, all is well in the end as she learns of the beauty of other cultures and customs. This bicultural book blends the traditions of a Guatemalan Easter with Chinese religious observances.

The Legend of the Cascaron by Roxanna Montes-Bazaldua

Don Serafain gets a special request for a wedding cake, leading to his chickens going on strike! When the issue is finally resolved, he decides to do something different with the eggshells. This is a fun origin story for the tradition of cascarones.


What are some of your favorite Easter books? 


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