Multicultural App Review: Heart Street Market

Looking for some fun activities to teach your children about other cultures? Here is a review of a wonderful new multicultural app for kids!

Multicultural App Review: Heart Street Market | Multicultural Kid Blogs

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At Multicultural Kid Blogs we highly value diversity, equality, multiculturalism and multilingualism. If you follow all our posts, you will see a large number of multicultural companies, or companies that promote multiculturalism that we cooperate with.

One of these companies is Hearts for Hearts Girls  who make beautiful multicultural dolls and gifts, spreading love around the globe. They have recently released their App – Heart Street Market – which came out on both Android and Apple devices.

We waited in anticipation to see what this app would look like, and it really is up to all of the expectations! So far 4 different girls are represented there:  Nahji (India), Rahel (Ethiopia), Dell (USA) and Consuelo (Mexico). The girls go on different missions to make their dreams come true.

To be honest, I was quite excited to receive this app, as our family represents two of the continents listed above, and we love exploring different cultures. This multicultural app was a great learning opportunity to discuss India, Ethiopia, the USA, and Mexico, remembering all our friends who come from those countries.

Each girl comes with a story, and games that allow you to earn funds, buy necessary goods, and build their towns.

Here is a quick review of the features represented in the APP:

Hours of exploring, collecting, helping, and playing around the world.

Yes! I am an adult and I was completely taken by the games and missions!

Game play patterns that girls love: making friends, collecting, personalization, and helping others.

The games are entertaining and easy to follow. My 9 years old enjoyed reaching up new levels.

Vibrant, illustrated graphics with exciting animations.

The graphics ARE beautiful. There is no doubt in that! And the games load quite quickly.

Music from around the world.

The music is subtle and not annoying as it is in many digital games.

Fashions that can be saved and shared with friends.

You can literally spend hours dressing up your girls!

No ads to interrupt game play.

This is a huge plus! Usually free and paid apps are interrupted by ads, which can make a child accidentally click on somethings not age appropriate.

In-App purchases are optional, not needed for complete game play. (IAPs require parental gate confirmation.) 

This is another plus, as you pay for games once and don’t worry about spending more and more money in order to complete all missions and levels.

Multicultural aspect:

The girls represent their countries, wearing attire typical to their region. They greet you in their language when you first click on them. And while their village/town is loading, you can read a little about them to understand their background. Overall, I would recommend this multicultural app to those who already love Hearts to Hearts Girls, as well as those who are not familiar with them yet.

Find the new app from Hearts for Hearts Girls for both Android and Apple devices, plus you can follow them on Facebook!

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