Holi Celebrations in Pictures

Holi – the festival of colors – is an opportunity to have riotous fun, enjoy delicious food and spend a fantastic vibrant day with family and friends. Enjoy these photos from our bloggers and friends of their Holi celebrations!

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Charu in India, from KetchupMoms

Ketchup Moms - Holi


Puneeta in Canada, from Maple and Marigold


Maple and Marigold - Holi


Nikita in the USA, from Growing Up Gupta

Growing Up Gupta - Holi


Growing Up Gupta - Holi


Christi Madrid, in the USA, a Multicultural Kid Mom

Christi Madrid - Holi


Christi Madrid - Holi


Christi Madrid - Holi


Happy Holi! How do you celebrate?

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