Holi Crafts and Activities for Kids

Holi Crafts and Activities for Kids | Multicultural Kid Blogs

Anyone else ready for spring??  This year, try celebrating the season with your little ones by learning about another culture with these Holi crafts and activities!

Holi is a joyous festival of colors celebrated every spring by Hindus around the world.  Marking the beginning of spring, it is usually celebrated at the end of February or beginning of March (this year it falls on March 6).  It is also known as the festival of colors and is the biggest holiday on the Hindu calendar after Diwali.

Holi is best known for its celebration of color, as people throw colored powders and water at each other in large public festivals.  For an overview of the holiday and some ideas to get you started don’t miss our post on celebrating Holi.  Read more about the story behind Holi on National Geographic, plus look at their amazing photo gallery!

If you aren’t lucky enough to live near one of these public celebrations, you can still enjoy the holiday with your little ones with these fun ideas below:

Introductions to Holi

Festival Holi
Photo: http://iamhrishabhkashyap.blogspot.com/

Celebrating Holi with Family and Friends from Multicultural Kid Blogs

Holi Fun to Welcome Spring from The Educators’ Spin On It

The Holi Toolkit from the Hindu American Foundation: Includes the legend behind Holi and ideas to celebrate in the classroom

Why Is Holi Holy? from papaya + post: The story of Holi

Cultural Cheat Sheet on How to Celebrate Holi from papaya + post

Get Painted at Holi: The Indian Festival of Colors from Kid World Citizen

Holi for Kids from Mindful Mum

Videos about Holi for Kids from Gnaana

Bollywood Movies about Holi from papaya + post: just for fun!

Crafts for Holi

Make Your Own Colorful Holi : The Educators' Spin On ItT-Shirt
Photo: The Educators’ Spin On It

Make your own colorful Holi T-shirt from The Educators’ Spin On It

5 Easy Ways to Get Crafty to Celebrate Holi from papaya + post

Free Happy Holi Banner from Gnaana

Messy Paint and Hand Traced Flowers from InCultureParent

Tissue Paper Blossoms from Gnaana

Straw Painting - InCultureParent
Photo: InCultureParent

Straw Painting from InCultureParent

Dhal Art from Gnaana

Make Your Own Holi Colors

Homemade Holi Colours from Ketchup Moms: also includes a recipe, yum!

7 Eco-Friendly Holi Colored Powder Recipes from My Little Moppet

Holi Coloring Pages

Holi Coloring Page from Indian Moms Connect

Holi Coloring Pages from DGreetings

Holi Coloring Pages from 4to40

Throw a Holi Party

Tips for a Holi-Themed Party from Masala Mommas

Happy Holi Party from Gnaana

Happy Holi
Photo: Divulgação

Safety Tips

Tips for a Safe and Eco-Friendly Holi with Kids from My Little Moppet

Happy and Safe Holi from Indian Moms Connect

5 Tips for a Safe Holi with Kids from Kids Stop Press

Baby Care Tips Before Holi from Kids Stop Press

Great Pinterest Boards

Our own Holi Pinterest board from Multicultural Kid Blogs

Holi at Home Pinterest board from Masala Mommas

India Culture Pinterest Board from The Educators’ Spin On It

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