Celebrating Women’s History Month

Women's History Month Activity Printables

This month we are celebrating Women’s History Month, so we have created educational materials that feature remarkable women in world history.

As you know, here at Multicultural Kid Blogs we like to celebrate diversity. And we take pride in creating educational materials that highlight the beauty of cultures and individuals from around the world. Our latest activity packets are no exception.

Celebrating Women’s History Month: Activity Printables

Amazing Women in History

Did you know that Sor Juana de la Cruz could read and write in Latin by the time she was 3 years old? Or that Pocahontas is buried in England? I bet you didn’t know that Queen Isabella I of Spain was the first woman to appear on a U.S. coin and stamp. These are just a few of the facts you’ll learn about some of the amazing women in our Women’s History Packets.

Celebrating Women's History Month - Research Packet | Multicultural Kid Blogs

Women’s History Month Research Packet

Our Women’s History Month Research Packet is designed to develop your child’s independent learning and research skills. This month-long unit incorporates the study of 20 women, five in each of four categories: Human Rights, Politics, Science and The Arts. It has been designed for children in 2nd through 4th grade and includes:

  • individual research project,
  • oral presentation,
  • creation of a unit-long lapbook-style packet,
  • and a classroom timeline display.

Celebrating Women’s History Month: Activity Pack

The lapbook-style unit packet includes:

  • title image & list of women studied (for cover panels)
  • categorized trading card pockets (for inner panels)
  • trading cards (for pockets on inner panels)
  • “The woman I admire most” opinion essay (for inner packet)
  • glossary (for inner packet)
  • review test (for back of unit packet)

Women in World History Activity Pack

Women in World History Activity Pack | Multicultural Kid Blogs

We have designed our Women in World History Activity Pack for children in 4th through 6th grade (children aged 8 – 12).

This educational, no-prep packet focuses on developing your child’s reading and reading comprehension skills. Your child will learn about 20 women in history. It includes:

  • one-page reading passages (one for each woman),
  • a reading comprehension quiz for each reading passage,
  • additional comprehension worksheets that boost vocabulary, writing, and critical thinking skills,
  • answer keys,
  • and a recommended reading list for further research.

Celebrating Women’s History Month

Both packets are comprehensive and will help your child learn about the contributions of ordinary women to our world history.

It’s important to note that while there is some overlap in the women, the majority of the figures featured are unique to each packet. You can read the individual descriptions for each product for a complete list of the women covered.

We think you will love these fun printables and, as always, we welcome your feedback! How are you celebrating Women’s History Month?

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