Author name: Indra Roelants

A fiery Irish-Dutch language enthusiast, travel addict, woman, reader, thinker, dreamer, socialist, mother, teacher and above all humanist. Having lived in Portugal, France, The Netherlands and North Wales I am currently living in Ireland with my partner, 3 children and 2 cats.

Outdoor Learning: Our Story

Outdoor learning is the best type of learning there is. We’ve been lucky to have been able to experience this in 2 opposite climates in the past few years: Portugal and Ireland. At every possible opportunity, we go exploring. Sometimes taking a small side road just to see where it leads, at other times chosing to

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Language Learning the Full Immersion Way

Our three children were all born in English speaking countries: two in North Wales and our youngest in the Republic of Ireland. I set out on the adventure of motherhood with the full intention of raising my children in at least two, if not three languages. My eldest son could count to ten in English,

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Outdoor Learning: Misty Ireland versus Sunny Portugal

Having moved from Ireland to Portugal we have not only had to adapt to the obvious changes (new language, culture and of course the weather) but also to an entirely new outdoor world. Our family outings have led to many fascinating outdoor learning adventures.  RELATED POST: Outdoor Learning and Play at Korean Sports Day Outdoor Learning:

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