Three Benefits of Being Multilingual

Research shows that being bilingual or multilingual is an advantage. It was never a hindrance to be a multilingual family. Raising a multilingual kid doesn’t have a negative effect. It will not be a problem, for sure. Kids adapt to the different languages we speak, and they never get confused if the multilingual families follow the correct technique. There are many amazing benefits if you are bilingual or multilingual. This post features three important benefits of being multilingual from my perspective.

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Three benefits of being multilingual

Being multilingual opens up new social opportunities

I am Indian, and I speak Tamil, Urdu, Hindi, and English. As many of you know, India is a multilingual country full of a diversity of cultures and heritages. Being a Tamilian, I was able to speak with my north Indian friends as I knew Hindi. When I moved to the US as an expat, I was able to converse with my fellow Americans and people from other countries thanks to my fluency in English. English paved a way to converse with my Indian friends too, those who don’t speak either Tamil, Hindi or Urdu. This allowed me to be more social and spend my time with more groups of people in a positive way. This is a big advantage, and it can open up many doors in our lives.

Being multilingual has positive effects on the brain

According to the research, a bilingual person’s brain is used to handle all of the languages he/she knows at the same time. So this constant switching between two or three languages happens without needing to stop and think about it. This brain switching makes your brain adaptive and develops your memory. While learning a language, the brain develops cognitive flexibility. This enhances problem-solving skills. When a problem arises, a bilingual person will stop, think, and understand the situation in their own language. This allows for analytical skills to be used to produce a clear, unique perspective.

Being multilingual helps in the workplace

For example, being multilingual as a teacher helps build the trust of children. Understanding different languages can help teachers understand the problems kids face and can help solve problems. Each and every job has its own advantages when we are multilingual.

Being multilingual motivates your peers and family members to try learning another language. In this way, a multilingual person becomes a role model for the future generation to achieve their dreams.


I am really proud to have a multilingual family, and I would love to learn more languages.

If you do need any help in learning a language or any support please do contact me; I am ready to help. Here is a small example of how to start learning a language through English


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