Author name: Salma Mehajabeen

Salma Mehajabeen is the mommy of Baby A and she is her world. Natural mamma who breastfeeds exclusively, does cloth diapering, babywearing with almighty’s grace. In general, she is following attachment parenting which is a culture of India. This was followed without theories and no teaching. With a decent amount of research trying her best to practise them. Basically, a bioengineer who worked until baby A was in this earth and now taken a break to take care of the baby. She is a mumma’s girl and daddy’s princess and gifted where she grew up with her loving sister and brother who stand with her even now. Maa shaa allah Married to Mr. F and now trying to settle down in the US to experience the western world with the grace of almighty!

Fun Facts about Tamil nadu India

10 Fun Facts for Kids About Tamil Nadu, India

Tamil Nadu, formerly known as Madras State, is one of the 29 states of India. Prior to the British era, different empires ruled the land. Chera, Chola and the Pandias were the most famous empires, shaping each region’s cuisine, culture, and architecture. Here are a few fun facts about Tamil Nadu, which is on the …

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