Muslimah Bloggers Summit Review

It all began back on August 8, 2017, when Fozia Shah, the owner of Muslim Mummies  and founder of the Facebook group Muslimah Bloggers, wrote these simple 10 words in a post:

Would any of you be interested

in a blogging summit?

Muslimah Bloggers Muslimah Bloggers Summit Review | Multicultural Kid Blogs

Right away, our humble group of a little over 700 women replied with their enthusiasm:

  • Count me in.
  • I’m interested.
  • Yes!!
  • I’m definitely in.
  • Absolutely.

The Muslimah Bloggers Summit was born. And soon the wheels were set in motion to help each other with tips, know-how and solutions to stumbling blocks we may have in building our brand.

We were going to have online informative talks relating to blogging and social media. Many sisters who had never met in person, stepped up and were willing to talk to a camera, connecting with total strangers, in one mission: see each other succeed by sharing our journeys.

After months of planning, both in the group and in hundreds of emails that traveled back and forth missed deadlines and apologies, tags and scheduling last minute additions and subtractions, it happened. January 2018 had finally arrived and we were almost live.

Behind the scenes, nerves were setting in but there was no turning back.  10 speakers were announced and the videos were posted for one week for free.  Since then, they may still be downloaded for a fee, which benefits the running of the Muslimah Bloggers website.

Muslimah Bloggers Summit |Multicultural kid blogs

Muslimah Bloggers Summit speakers included:

 Why to Blog and Blogging Basics

Why Should I Blog – Neymat Raboobee

Blogging as a Newbie – Iman Said

How to maintain originality when writing blog posts – Aisha Idris

Time Management: The Juggle is Real! – Dr. Gemma Elizabeth

Find balance between professional and personal self – Veronika al Mahdiyah


How to grow your blog through Networking and SEO – Ayesha Siddique

Inbound, SEO, and Content Marketing – What’s the difference? – Janet Kozak

Design/Monetise Your Blog

Why you need a professional logo – Fatima Hachem

How to make a great income from your blog without having tons of traffic – Sadiyya Patel

Creating a Free Gift to Grow Your Subscribers – Jameela Ho

Social Media

YouTube Know How with Nilly Dahlia

How To Succeed With Pinterest – Koloud ‘Kay’ Tarapolsi

Instagram 101 – Salwa Petersen

How to Take Photographs and Edit Them Without an Expensive Camera – Sainab and Nasra

Extras to help with your blogging journey

How to Get Your Art Traditionally Published – Papatia Feauxzar

The Power of Podcasting – Fousia Abdullahi

COLLABORATED we stand, Competed we fall – Ayeina

Muslim Bloggers | Multicultural Kid Blogs

There were 17 videos.  There were a  total of 3 hours of visual presentions. Here is some feedback from members of the group after the event:

After hearing Dr Gemma Elizabeth’s talk, I sat down and planned and prioritized my week ahead, I already feel confident I am going to be more productive than ever.


I took up blogging recently and this summit made me understand the concepts in detail and how to plan and go with the flow. How to promote etc. This will make me to be more productive than before in shaa Allah


Sis Papatia ‘s words of ‘Keep your day job. They will help in financing your dreams’ So true. Especially when you are a newbie blogger. Blogging brings in money only after a little while.. after you have put in lot of hard work, creativity and effort. Meanwhile your day job will help you in establishing your brand, paid products, physical products, publishing of ebooks or books etc.


With such a successful event that benefited so many women invested in giving each other a boost, I really hope this past January Muslimah Bloggers Summit turns into an annual event.

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Koloud ‘Kay’ Tarapolsi is a Libyan American artist who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab culture. In 2011 she started a 30 Days of Ramadan Crafty Challenge on her blog and has had a wonderful time making over 300 DIY tutorials with her 3 daughters. She founded 12 years ago and enjoys selling her art in various locations around the United States and online.

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