Back to School Ideas for Multiracial & Multicultural Kids

Lots of kids are already back to school but that doesn’t mean its too late to add some unique, diverse items, to their collections. Looking for and purchasing back to school supplies can be quite the task so why not make it a little bit more fun by purchasing items that showcase diverse characters that look like our multiracial & multicultural kids?

The following is a list I put together of some items that I found that feature characters other than the normal blonde haired / blue eyed cartoons. #representationmatters so why not carry that over into school supplies & clothes? Below those I also shared some ways to help incorporate diversity into your home because that’s where learning truly begins.

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Unique Back to School Items for Multiracial & Multicultural Kids

Izzy and Liv Personalized Plates: Great if you home school or just for breakfast in the morning before heading off on the bus.izzy-and-liz-beauty-plus-brains-personalized-platePersonalized Curly Cutie Notebooks: Kids have to get notebooks for their schoolwork. Why can’t they feature curly cute kids that look more like them?

Zazzle Curly Cutie NotebooksBook bags with diverse characters such as this one with Elena, Doc McStuffins, Monster High, Moana and Diego: I wish there were more options. If I find more I will come back and update this. But this is a big one. Kids will wear these everyday and will be one of the items they are most excited about. Why not have a diverse character on it?

Back to School ideas for Multiracial Kids

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Diverse clothes: You want to teach your kids to be proud and confident of themselves. They can wear their confidence right on themselves! I found some incredibly cute options through Izzy and Liv like this Brown Skin Cutie Tee & 100% Pure Brown Sugar Top. There are also some cute designs (by me) like this Curl Next Door Kids tee in multiple colors or this Mixed Kid Tee.

Explore and More Childrens Museum - Family Fridays - Curl Next Door Tshirt

DynaSmiles Notebooks: These are some great options for older kids and teens. I freaking LOVE their designs. They are incredibly beautiful. I mean… just check them out!

Back to School items for multiracial kids _ DynaSmiles NotebookDiversity Tote: Great message wrapped up into a tote to carry their supplies and/or toys in.

Me Census Tote

Oh… and don’t think I forgot about the parents! Here are some great options for you to wear while dropping the kids off and picking them up: These “Yes They are MY Kids” Tops, “I’m NOT the Nanny“, Mixed Mama Zip Up to keep warm on those cold mornings, and this great “I love my Mixed Kids” Mug or “Keep Calm and <3 Mixed Babies” Mug to drink your morning coffee out of so you can function!

Yes They Are My Kids Tee

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Some non-school specific recommendations are to incorporate diversity and learning about cultures into the home. How do we do that?

  • The internet is a GREAT resource to have at the tip of our fingers. Some personal Social Media recommendations that I enjoy are: ItsEwelina on YouTube. She teaches basic Polish and I want my kids (as well as myself) to learn because we are part Polish. We also follow Garifuna 101 on Facebook to learn some basic words of my mother-in-laws language. Find some accounts to follow that relate to your family. Incorporate learning other languages and the cultures of your children’s family. Expand beyond what their schools will teach them about their ABCs and 123s.  A great resource to help support you teaching your kids another language is this Montessori Language eBook I had the privilege of reviewing. Check it out.
  • Add diversity to their personal libraries. One of the greatest resources I have found as a sort of, central database, is Colours Of Us curated by a fellow Multicultural Kid Blogger. She puts together great lists of diverse toys & books. She even breaks it down into topics like 50 + Multicultural STEAM Books  & 30+ Multicultural Picture Books about Immigration.
  • Incorporate diverse toys into their lives. Kids learn SO much from playing that they should also have play things that represent the world. In addition to Colours of Us listed above, The Mixed Shop curates listings of diverse toys, books, as well as clothing/apparel items.
  • Another really important thing, if you have multiracial brown children, is to Instill Self-Confidence in them. School can be tough at times, but its even tougher if you are “different” in anyway. It is our job as their parents to do the best we can to try to build a solid foundation for them to grow and flourish so they can learn all the things!

So those are my unique multiracial & multicultural ideas for Back to School time. Looking for some ideas on how to do your curly haired kid for school? Check out my Back to School Hairstyle Ideas post. How do you incorporate diversity into your children’s learning? Let me know down below in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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