The 2017 Multicultural Children’s Book Day

Once again, Multicultural Kid Blogs is delighted to participate in Multicultural Children’s Book Day! This annual celebration highlights children’s book titles that reflect diverse families and cultures.

There are so many great events associated with the Multicultural Children’s Book Day including a Twitter party (see more below); book giveaways; book reviews; free multicultural books for teachersfree classroom kit for homeschoolers, organizations, librarians, and educators; and free diversity book lists and activities for teachers and parents.

Multicultural Children’s Book Day is celebrating its fourth year and was founded by Valarie Budayr from Jump Into A Book and Mia Wenjen from PragmaticMom. Their mission is to raise awareness of the ongoing need to include kid’s books that celebrate diversity on home and school bookshelves, while also working diligently to get more of these types of books into the hands of young readers, parents, and educators.

Despite census data that shows 37% of the US population consists of people of color, only 10% of children’s books published has diversity content. Using the Multicultural Children’s Book Day holiday, the MCBD Team is on a mission to change that.

This event has also proven to be an excellent way to compile a list of diverse children’s book titles and reviews for parents, grandparents, educators, and librarians to use all year long.

Current Sponsors:

Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2017 is honored to have some amazing Sponsors on board. Platinum Sponsors include ScholasticBarefoot Books and Broccoli. Other Medallion Level Sponsors include heavy-hitters like Author Carole P. Roman, Audrey Press, Candlewick Press,  Fathers Incorporated, KidLitTV, Capstone Young Readers, Author Gayle Swift, Wisdom Tales Press, Lee& Low Books, The Pack-n-Go Girls, Live Oak Media, Author Charlotte Riggle,Chronicle Books and Pomello Books

Author Sponsors:

Karen Leggett AbourayaVeronica AppletonSusan Bernardo, Kathleen BurkinshawMaria DismondyD.G. DriverGeoff Griffin Savannah HendricksStephen HodgesCarmen Bernier-Grand,Vahid ImaniGwen Jackson,  Hena, Kahn, David Kelly, Mariana LlanosNatasha Moulton-LevyTeddy O’MalleyStacy McAnulty,  Cerece MurphyMiranda PaulAnnette PimentelGreg RansomSandra Richards, Elsa TakaokaGraciela Tiscareño-Sato,  Sarah StevensonAndrea Y. Wang

We’d like to also give a shout-out to MCBD’s impressive CoHost Team who not only hosts the book review link-up on celebration day, but who also work tirelessly to spread the word of this event. View our CoHostsHERE.

Please join us for our Multicultural Children’s Book Day

Win 1 of 12 Book Bundles! Giving away Book Bundles every 6 minutes!

Twitter Party

Friday, January 27th

9 pm to 10 pm EST

Hashtag: #ReadYourWorld

We will be discussing the state of children’s book publishing and giving away diversity book bundles every six minutes! We invite EVERYONE to join us: authors, publishers, parents, caregivers, librarians, KidLit lovers. You don’t have to be an author or publisher sponsor to join us! Let’s talk about our favorite multicultural and diverse children’s books, authors, and illustrators!

How do you join the Twitter party? Just use hashtag #ReadYourWorld to find us. When you tweet, use the hashtag so everyone can find you!

Register below to be able to win!!

Multicultural Children's Book Day Twitter Party

2017 Multicultural Children’s Book Day Twitter Party Book Bundle GIVEAWAYS

Question 1 (9:00pm): Scholastic research on top trends in children’s literature found that LESSONS ON KINDNESS WILL BE KEY. What is your top concern?

MCBD Book Bundle Giveaway #1 Multicultural Children’s Book Day Book Bundle Giveaway #1:

Early chapter books and chapter books for ages 6 and up

  • MVP-Gold Medal Mess by David A. Kelly
  • Brooklyn Bat Boy by Geoff Griffin
  • The Curse of the WereHyena by Bruce Hale
  • Camp Nerd by Elissa Brent Weissman
  • Zapato Power-Freddie Ramos Rules New York by Jacqueline Jules
  • Mermaid Tales by Debbie Dadey

Question 2 (9:05 pm): One new controversy in children’s book publishing is who should write from a minority point of view? What do you think?

MCBD Book Bundle Giveaway #2 sponsored by Pack N Go Girls

Multicultural Children’s Book Day Book Bundle Giveaway #2

Sponsored by Pack-n-Go Girls: travel adventure mysteries for girls 6 and up

  • Mystery at the Christmas Market by Pack-n-Go Girls
  • Mystery of the Ballerina Ghost by Pack-n-Go Girls
  • Mystery of the Golden Temple by Pack-n-Go Girls
  • Mystery of the Min Min Lights by Pack-n-Go Girls
  • Mystery of the Troubled Toucan by Pack-n-Go Girls
  • Mystery of the Thief in the Night by Pack-n-Go Girls

Question 3 (9:10 pm): What diversity topics in children’s books do you wish there were more books on?

MCBD Book Bundle Giveaway #3: Picture Books for ages 4 and up

Multicultural Children’s Book Day Book Bundle Giveaway #3:

Picture Books for ages 4 and up

  • She Stood for Freedom by Loki Muholland
  • Rice & Rocks by Sandra L. Richards
  • Mountain Chef by Annette Bay Pimentel
  • Ava Dreams of Water by Nancy Moss
  • Three Years and Eight Months by Icy Smith
  • Soccer Star by Mina Javaherbin

Question 4 (9:15 pm): I’m noticing characters in stories that happen to be diverse, but that’s not the point of the story. How do you feel about that?

MCBD Book Bundle Giveaway #4 Board Book Bundle

Multicultural Children’s Book Day Book Bundle Giveaway #4:

Board Book Bundle

  • What Can I See (Child’s Play) by Annie Kubler
  • When I Wake up by Ming & Joanna Lin
  • Little Artists Mini Board Book Sets from Kane Miller Publishing
  • Ladoo & Pooja Day from Ladoo Books
  • Ladoo & Chai Time from Ladoo Books
  • Baby Ply by Carol McDougall & Shanda LaRamee-Jones

Question 5 (9:20 pm): Do you have a preference for traditional books versus ebooks? Does it change for children’s books versus adult books?

MCBD Book Bundle Giveaway #5 Multicultural Children’s Book Day Book Bundle Giveaway #5

  • 100 Fun & Easy Learning Games for Kids by Amanda Boyarishnov and Kim Vij
  • A Charmed Life by Gladys E. Barbieri
  • Excellent Ed by Stacy McAnulty
  • Aiden the Soccer Star by Suzan Johnson
  • Journey to Appleville by Veronica Appleton
  • 10 Little Ninjas by Miranda Paul

Question 6 (9:25 pm): Self-published books versus big publishing companies. What makes you buy a self published book?

MCBD Book Bundle Giveaway #6

Multicultural Children’s Book Day Book Bundle Giveaway #6

  • One Plastic Bag by Miranda Paul
  • Destiny & Faith’s Summer Adventures by Teddy O’Malley
  • Destiny & Faith Get Stuck in the Country by Teddy O’Malley
  • Let’s Celebrate Diwali by Anjali Joshi
  • Amal’s EID and Hanuman & The Orange Sun by Amy Maranville
  • Here We Go: A Poetry Friday Book from Pomelo Books

Question 7 (9:30 pm): What diversity children’s books, authors and/or illustrators do you think deserve more recognition? Let’s give them a shout out!

MCBD Book Bundle Giveaway #7

Multicultural Children’s Book Day Book Bundle Giveaway #7

  • Catherine’s Pascha by Charlotte Riggle
  • Here We Go: A Poetry Friday Book from Pomelo Books
  • Cixi The Dragon Empress by Natasha Yim
  • PoPo’s Lucky Chinese New Year by Virginia Loh-Hagan
  • Ellis & The Hidden Cave by Cerece Murphy
  • No Limits-No Boundaries by Natasha Moulton-Levy
  • If You Were Me and We Lived In Ancient Greece by Carole P. Roman

Question 8 (9:35 pm): What do you think is the best way to get more diversity and multicultural children’s books published?

MCBD Book Bundle Giveaway #8 Sponsored by Carole P. RomanMulticultural Children’s Book Day Book Bundle Giveaway #8

Sponsored by Carole P. Roman

Includes one of each of the “If You Were Me and We Lived In…”

Hungary, Brazil, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Israel, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Australia, Turkey, Norway, Poland, India, Mexico, South Korea, Kenya and China

Question 9 (9:40 pm): What diversity topics in children’s books are you having trouble finding?

MCBD Book Bundle Giveaway #9:

Barefoot Books Sponsored Bundle

To Be Announced

Question 10 (9:45 pm): Scholastic top trends in children’s books also shows that “FUNNY” IS STILL NUMBER ONE. What gets your kids reading?

MCBD Book Bundle Giveaway #11: sponsored by Chronicle BooksMulticultural Children’s Book Day Book Bundle Giveaway #10:

Chronicle Books Sponsored Book Bundle

  • Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns by Hena Kahn
  • Josephine by Patricia Hruby Powell
  • Loving vs Virginia by Patricia Hruby Powell
  • The Quickest Kid in Clarksville by Pat Zeithow Miller
  • Lowriders in Space by Cathy Camper

Question 11 (9:50 pm): What are the diversity children’s picture books and chapter books that you and your kids recommend and why?

MCBD Book Bundle Giveaway #11:

Multicultural Children’s Book Day Book Bundle Giveaway #11:

  • The Last Cherry Blossom by Kathleen Burkinshaw
  • Naji and the Mystery of the Dig by Vahid Imani
  • Obstacles by Greg Ransom
  • Malala Yousafzai: Warrior of Words by Karen Leggett
  • Ayo’s Money Jar by Smart Choice Nation
  • ABC Adoption and ME by Gayle H. Swift
  • Celebrate Durga Puja With Me by Shoumi Sen
  • Lump Lump and the Blanket of Dreams by Gwen Jackson
  • Nonnie & I by Savannah Hendricks
  • Trainbots by Miranda Paul
  • I’m Trey Jones by Monica-Matthis Howe
  • A Journey to Appleville by Vernonica Appleton

Question 12 (9:55 pm): What is the message you want to tell publishers and authors with regard to diversity in children’s books?

Multicultural Children's Book Day Book Bundle Giveaway #12 Grand Prize Bundle: Sponsored by Scholastic Multicultural Children’s Book Day Book Bundle Giveaway #12 Grand Prize Bundle:

Sponsored by Scholastic

  • The Case for Loving by Selina Alko
  • Elephant in the Dark by Mina Javaherbin
  • Zen Socks by Jon J. Muth
  • Under the Same Sun by Sharon Robinson
  • The Granddaughter Necklace by Sharon Dennis Wyeth
  • Unidentified Suburban Object by Mike Jung
  • Save Me a Seat by Sarah Weeks
  • The Hero Two Doors Down by Sharon Robinson
  • Moving Target by Christina Diaz Gonzalez
  • Making Friends with Billy Wong by Augusta Scattergood


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