What Parents of Multicultural Kids Love to Hear

There is a lot of talk in the media about the negative comments parents of multicultural kids hear, like “Are you the nanny?” “Is your child adopted?” etc., etc.

Here at Multicultural Kid Blogs our goal is to celebrate diversity and the beauty in our multicultural families, so we wanted to highlight the things that we like to hear, the positive, not the negative!

Here are what parents of multicultural or multiracial kids love to hear:

parents of multicultural kids

“¡Eres una buena mamá!! You are a great mom!! You are teaching your kids your language and culture!!” – Johana from Mama Tortuga 

kids by the lake-TortuguitaPhoto credit: Mama Tortuga


“Your kids are so lucky to have such experiences!” –  Ann Belle, Kids Travel Books 

“I love how your kids know about pancakes, crepes and Pfannkuchen. How amazing.” – Annabelle from the Piri Piri Lexicon

smiley Pancake

Photo credit: Piri Piri Lexicon

“So many cultures and languages, wow. It must be so good for them!” Olga, Olga Mecking

“You are doing a great job. It’s tough but I can see it will be worth it at the end.” Carla, founder of Mundo Lanugo

Americano y Latino de Corazon

photo credit: Mundo Lanugo

It’s amazing how both of your families have embraced each other.” Deidre, Are Those Your Kids? 

“Wow, how lucky your girls are to grow up in France & to just naturally switch between 2 languages -what a gift you’ve given them.” – Jennifer,  An American Mom in Bordeaux 


Photo credit:  An American Mom in Bordeaux 

My daughters teacher said, “your daughters lunch looks so delicious!” (we make homemade Indian food). Alexandra, Madh Mama 
indian food
photo credit: Madh Mama
I like to hear that people support our decision to raise our son bilingual. -Siobhan

I like to hear that she looks like me (even though our skin colors are different). Because she does. – Nadine

Kaplan Graham family

photo credit: Megan Elizabeth Photography 

People ask my husband and I if we plan to raise our daughter multi-lingually and are always pleased when we tell them we are (Spanish and English and maybe French). People have been super supportive of it and tell us how important it is. – Mieke


photo credit: Mieke Lozano

I love it when people say how great it is that our son has two amazing cultures, etc. Because he does! His dad is from Ireland and I am Dominican – American. It’s an awesome combination of food culture, history, music, writing etc. – Heather 

“It’s amazing that you celebrate so many festivals” my children’s friends say when they see us celebrating on Diwali and Christmas and Easter and Holi. – Puneeta, Maple and Marigold



Photo credit: Maple and Marigold

We want to hear from you!

What awesome things have you heard as a parent to multicultural kids?

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  1. LOL! I totally got the ‘are you the nanny?’ once. I about fell over since I knew it wasn’t because I looked too young to have 3 little boys 🙂

    It actually made me rather proud of their fluency in Dutch because yeah, mine is miserable but I am so proud of them, I’m flattered if other people think they’re Dutch.

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