Why Multicultural Moms Love Reading with Their Kids

Why Multicultural Moms Love Reading with Their Kids | Multicultural Kid BlogsAs parents raising multicultural kids the MKB community knows the importance of literacy, education and books in our quest to raise world citizens. We multicultural moms love reading with our kids because books can truly open the world to our children in the comfort of our home.

Multicultural Kid Blogs is thrilled to be participating in #MomsReading, a campaign by MomsRising to highlight the joys and benefits of reading.

Here is why our bloggers love to read with their children:


Why Multicultural Moms Love Reading with Their Kids

Reading is a great way to get my kids excited about learning more about the world around them, whether it is about other cultures or their own.” – Leanna from All Done Monkey

This year I’ve really been working on increasing my kids’ exposure to Spanish and trying to connect them to the written language. One way to do this that they really enjoy is reading beautiful bilingual picture books like My Colors, My World / Mis colores, mi mundo by one of my favorite authors, Maya Christina Gonzalez. In this award winning book, a young girl shares the colors she sees in her home, from the brown of the desert sand to the orange of the marigolds. Lovely story to share anytime but especially now for Hispanic Heritage Month, which is just starting! Be sure to visit @ABoyarshinov for another great #picturebookoftheday recommendation! #mkbkids #kbn #momsoninstagram #kidbloggersofig #kidlit #hispanicheritage #hhm #mkbhhm #bilingual #bilingualbooks

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“Through books, I put my kids in touch with great minds, rich language, and beauty from the world over. Reading aloud is one of my favorite ways to bond with my children, and together we grow in both Spanish and English. Books develop empathy in all of us, together, as they connect us to other places and generations.” – Elisabeth from Spanish Mama


Because it’s a great way to fight boredom and … it’s fun!

“Now that my children are adults I know I have raised two avid readers – something which has benefited them in so many ways. Books expand kids’ horizons, teach them about other people, countries and cultures. Books keep kids company and a child who has learnt to enjoy reading never says ‘I’m bored!'” – Rita Rosenback, Multilingual Parenting

“Kids’ books are SO much fun. I love reading with my kids because it gives me a good reason to re-visit old favorites and find new ones. – Amanda from The Educators’ Spin on It

Mommy Maestra says, “Because I’m creating a reading culture at home in order to raise children who love to read. And because great storytelling is an essential way in which children learn. Plus it’s fun!”

“Reading books with my children has become a daily routine since they were born. They love snuggling up at night and reading bedtime stories. It not only helps them fantasize and use their imagination; but it also gives them a chance to learn new words in different languages and learn about other parts of the world and other cultures.” – Chontelle from Bilingual Kid Spot


Helps us learn about the world…

“Reading is a fundamental life tool/skill that children will use for the rest of their lives. As parents it gives us the ability to help our daughter learn various family languages, more about her diverse multicultural background, and the world around her.” – Nikita

Jaclyn from Bringing Up The Parks says, “Because it’s a great way to share the world and different cultures with them and get them curious about what’s out there.”


It’s a great way to bond and relax...

“Having three boys under age 6, things get a little crazy at our house. Reading aloud gives everyone a chance to just sit and relax, cuddle, and take a breather. It also gets the wheels turning in their brains, so that when they get up to play, they have new characters to act out, new words to use, new gestures to try out. I love seeing how the books we read continue to impact the creative play that happens for the rest of day.” Mary Grace from The Global Mom.

“Reading takes us into a magical world where our imaginations come alive. Reading together as a family is a wonderful way to bond.” Alexandra aka Madh Mama.

Leena says: “There’s no better way to bond with a little one than cuddling up and having them listen to your voice as you make their favorite book come alive. You teach love and affection through those spoken words, and a love of words and books in general. Reading also sparks their imagination!



Helps us learn and strengthen our vocabulary …

Reading is how I expand my own limited Spanish vocabulary that I only learned at home. Together with my kids we are learning.” – Aileen from MamaLingua.

“I am raising two trilingual children, so I read to them in their minority languages everyday. Reading is what helps them to develop vocabulary, to learn about other places and cultures. It also develops their imagination.” Galina from Trilingual Children

I grew up wishing someone read to me. Sadly, in my immediate family, I didn’t have any readers. When I found out the joy of reading, I decided I was going to have a big bookcase in my house one day!! Now with my kids, I wish I can have more time everyday to enjoy books!!! It is crucial in language learning and vocabulary acquisition!!” – Joanna from Mama Tortuga

“Reading to my boys at bedtime is one of my favourite parts of the day. It’s a great way to increase their second language vocabulary without them even being aware they’re learning something. It’s also an amazing way to share my British roots with my little Dutch boys!” – Amanda Van Mulligen, Expat Life (with a Double Buggy)


Books are great conversation starters…

I always find reading with them to be excellent conversation starters for issues we may facing as a family. They open up easily and even give me ideas how we can work on it together.” Ayesha



Books are better than videos…

It’s an incredibly bonding experience and a wonderful way to expand their world. They get so much more out of reading than seeing that same story in video form.” – Robbie from Use Resources Wisely


As parents raising multicultural kids, we want to highlight the need and importance of diversity in books:

Fariba from Mixed Race Family says, “Because seeing your children reflected back in the pages of the books they read is exciting for them. We ensure we choose diverse books so that they can relate to the characters easily.”


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