Multilingual Printables: Clothing Memory Game

Memory games are a great way to practice several skills: memorization, vocabulary and counting — all great skills to have when you are a bilingual or multilingual child! We have created a free multilingual printable clothing memory game to help kids learn the names of clothing in other languages.

Multilingual Printables: Clothing Memory Game | Multicultural Kid Blogs


There are a few ways to play this game!

  • You can print a set in English, and a set in another language to practice both languages!
  • You can simply print two sets in the same language
  • You can play by matching two items that you would wear together
  • Ask questions as you play:
    • Do we wear this where we live?
    • In what parts of the world do people wear this?
    • Is this clothing for hot or cold weather?
    • Do you wear this when you go on vacation?
    • What is your favorite article of clothing?

What other ways would you play the clothing matching game? Share with us!

Multilingual Printables: Clothing Memory Game












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  1. Hello Diana!

    Do you have the clothing memory game, or any other game, in Portuguese (BR). I am having a hard time to teach my kids 6 and 13 yo and I believe this may help them.



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