Valentine’s Day Printable: Multilingual Love Letter

Valentine’s Day is a day to tell the special people in your life how much you love and care for them. In some places, it is not only about couples celebrating their love, it is also about expressing your love for your friends. In some Spanish-speaking countries, St. Valentine’s Day is referered to as “El Día del Amor y la Amistad.” The Day of Love and Friendship. In the United States, it is not uncommon to have children share special treats or Valentine’s Day cards with their classmates and teachers.

As the art of handwriting love letters is dying, but it is an art that should be kept alive (who doesn’t love getting a bit of snail mail?) we created a love letter template perfect for Valentine’s Day! Many of our members pitched in and we have quite an array of languages! Check out the multilingual love letters below! You can print them to have your kids write a note (perfect for practicing their writing skills and vocabulary in other languages) and even YOU can write a letter to your spouse/significant other.


Have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day from MKB!



Chinese Valentines Day Love Letter


English Valentines Day Love letterEnglish Valentines Day Love letter 2


French Valentines Day Love Letter AMIE French Valentines Day Love Letter AMI French Valentines Day Love Letter 1



HIndi Valentines Day love letter 2

HIndi Valentines Day love letter




Italian ValentinesDay Love Letter Italian ValentinesDay Love Letter 2


Korean Valentines Day Love Letter


Portuguese Valentines Day love letter


Russian Valentines Day Love Letter 1 Russian Valentines Day Love Letter 2


Valentine's Day printable card Spanish


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  2. Things are bit more complicated in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. In addition to Valentines Day they also celebrate White Day. Both days are occasions to give gifts to the opposite gender. And then, for lonely singles, there is Black Day.

    Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14, when women buy men gifts (usually chocolate). White Day is celebrated on March 14, when men give women gifts. The general rule seems to be that if a girl gives you a gift on Valentines Day, it is expected that you reciprocate on White Day with a gift back to her. The chocolates received on Valentine’s Day are interpreted to symbolize a man’s popularity and the chocolates given on White Day are used solely for romantic purposes.

    Black Day, on April 14, focuses on the people, especially singles, who did not receive any gifts on either of the holidays. Singles who have not received presents on either day gather together, wearing black, to commiserate over a meal of black-colored food, especially jajangmyeon, a dish of noodles in black bean sauce.

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