Author name: Monica Olivera

Monica Olivera is a homeschooling mami of two and freelance education writer. Her website,, shares resources for Latino parents who homeschool or have children in a traditional school system. Monica is also the co-founder of Latinas for Latino Lit and the L4LL Latino Children's Summer Reading Program.

Women's History Month Activity Printables

Celebrating Women’s History Month

This month we are celebrating Women’s History Month, so we have created educational materials that feature remarkable women in world history. As you know, here at Multicultural Kid Blogs we like to celebrate diversity. And we take pride in creating educational materials that highlight the beauty of cultures and individuals from around the world. Our latest …

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The 2017 Multicultural Children’s Book Day

Once again, Multicultural Kid Blogs is delighted to participate in Multicultural Children’s Book Day! This annual celebration highlights children’s book titles that reflect diverse families and cultures. There are so many great events associated with the Multicultural Children’s Book Day including a Twitter party (see more below); book giveaways; book reviews; free multicultural books for teachers; free classroom …

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day Blog Hop & Printable

Fifty-three years ago, Martin Luther King, Jr. gazed out over a crowd of 250,000 civil rights supporters and delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. His powerful words have echoed across time and space to become one of the most famous speeches in modern times. …

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Review of Megumi's First Trip to Tokyo, bilingual counting book about Japanese culture

Explore Japanese Culture with Megumi’s First Trip to Kyoto

After traveling to Europe last month, my children’s eyes have been opened to the beauty and adventure in world cultures. So upon our return, I’ve been actively seeking tools that help us explore other countries. These tools include books, such as the one below, which teaches Japanese culture and language. If I can’t physically take my …

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