5 Best Subscription Boxes for Kids’ Holiday Gifts

Jambo! The holidays are upon us and it’s time to find meaningful gifts for the kids in our lives. All the better if we can support some great businesses that are owned by people of color and/or increase your kids’ cultural competency, amirite? It’s fun to learn new things! Today we introduce to you the 5 best subscription boxes for kids’ holiday gifts.

We love a subscription box because it’s a gift that keeps on coming after the holiday season is over. So your recipient will think of you every time the box comes in the mail. These boxes all involve activities that will pull kids away from screens and into greater communion with their imaginations and families. Let’s jump in with our favorite subscription boxes (and one honorable mention) that the kids in your life will love.

Black Girl Mathgic

The Black Girl Mathgic box is a secret weapon to shoring up girls’ math confidence! Each box is specially curated with a focus on a female mathematician, fun facts that relate math to the “real world”, a math workbook, and a parent’s answer guide (thank goodness!). You can even order a digital-only subscription for less cash if you’re pressed for storage space! The team behind the Black Girl Mathgic box is dedicated to supporting all girls in achieving their goals in mathematics and beyond.

Founder Brittany Rhodes suggests to encourage your child in math, “Look for the math in everyday situations to help strengthen your appreciation for it. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Do not be afraid to get the answer wrong. Do not be afraid to ask questions.”

That’s good advice for just about any endeavor!

Black Girl Mathgic - Subscription box for kids
X Workbox STEM Box

Marching along with our STEM focus, X Workbox STEM Box serves kids from 6-12 years old. X Workbox promises to pull your kids off of screens and into deep engagement with the engineering building projects included in each box. Eliminating the need to run to the store at the last moment, each box comes with the tools, materials, and instructions you need to successfully complete the projects inside. Unleash the scientist or engineer in your child and give them the gift of deep concentration and pride in achievement. 

Little Global Citizens 

Explore the world with this subscription box from Little Global Citizens. You and your kiddos from 4-10 can visit a different country each month. You’ll receive collectible passports, guides, recipes, and craft projects related to countries like Jamaica, Thailand, Japan, and Ghana that will allow your kids’ imaginations to soar and their knowledge about other people and places to grow. No countries from 2023 will repeat in 2024, so if you already have a subscription, go ahead and renew and keep traveling the world!

Raddish Cooking Club 

Build practical skills, spend quality time together, and slide in a little math with the Raddish Kids Cooking Club. Kids ages 4-14 will receive recipe cards, tools, a complete shopping list for each dish, and conversation starter cards for the table in each box. Raddish Cooking Club has a box for every culinary interest, such as the Baking Club, the Cooking Club, and the Global Eats Club. Kids will feel a growing sense of pride as they find themselves becoming more and more competent in the kitchen, as a result of using their own creativity while following directions and trusting their guts as young chefs.

Universal Yums Box

Now that we’re traveling and eating, let’s eat around the world! Time, treasure, and circumstance may have you grounded at home. But your tastebuds can visit a different nation every month. International trivia, games, and snacks come together at last in the Universal Yums box. You can select a box size from 5 to 18 snacks. Universal Yums will send you trivia, games, activities, special foods, and more, to entertain your mind and your mouth. During the winter holiday season, you can purchase a special limited edition Everywhere box with popular snacks from 14 different countries!

Jambo Books Box

Coming in with an honorable mention is my own subscription box, Jambo Books. Our subscribers receive 2-3 high-quality fiction books each month. They feature kids of color in situations where children’s literature rarely places them. For example, making friends, raising pets, loving grandparents, and fighting dragons. We focus on finding books that give our children a vision of the world we want them to live in: diverse, vibrant, and kind. A subscription also makes a great gift!

“Jambo” means Hello in Swahili. It’s an invitation to make a connection, to learn, and to grow. We at Jambo Books are here to lift up kids of color, increase empathy in all kids, and help parents dismantle and celebrate diversity, one page at a time.

Jambo Books Box - Subscription boxes for Kids | MKB

We hope you enjoy these subscription boxes for kids as much as we do!

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Mijha Godfrey is a distinguished former attorney turned entrepreneur and the visionary behind Jambo Books, a highly acclaimed children's book subscription service, revolutionizing the way parents and children talk about race and inclusion. 

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