Ten Multicultural Coloring Books For Kids

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Have you ever noticed how children pick a crayon from a box? They scrutinize, compare, then select one that resonates with them the most. This simple choice is a powerful act of self-expression. 

Multicultural coloring books for kids take this act to the next level by offering a palette that reflects the diverse world we live in. These books are not just a tool for fun. They’re a colorful bridge connecting young minds to the multitude of cultures that surround them.

Coloring outside the lines is the spirit of creativity, but what about coloring across cultures? That’s where the real magic happens. Multicultural coloring books for kids are more than just playtime; they’re a gallery of life’s diverse canvas. 

Why Representation Matters in Every Crayon Stroke

Representation matters. Each stroke of color allows children to see themselves and others in a kaleidoscope of hues and narratives. These books are not just about filling in the blanks; they’re about opening minds, embracing differences, and crafting a world where every child feels seen, heard, and valued. So if you are on the hunt for some excellent multicultural coloring books for kids, then here are our top ten!

1. “We All Belong: A Children’s Book About Diversity, Race and Empathy” by Nathalie Goss, Alex Goss, and Goss Castle

Discover the charm of “ We All Belong” where every page is a celebration of our wonderfully diverse world. This top-rated treasure, acclaimed for its graceful rhyme and vibrant illustrations, invites kids to understand and respect the splendid mosaic of cultures, skin colors, and backgrounds. 

Authored by the talented Nathalie Goss, with her unique perspective as a black French Caribbean illustrator living in a bilingual, mixed-race family, this book is a genuine ode to inclusivity. It’s perfect for sparking meaningful discussions on race, empathy, and acceptance, making it a must-have for children and adults alike. 

The latest editions are packed with engaging activities and fresh illustrations to keep the young readers captivated and inspired.

2. “All Different and Beautiful: A Children’s Book about Diversity, Kindness, and Friendships” by Belle Belrose

Step into Orion’s world with “All Different And Beautiful,” a heartwarming tale that champions the beauty of diversity and the joy of acceptance. This award-winning story illustrates how true friendship knows no bounds—not race, not prejudice, not disability. 

It’s a colorful journey celebrating unique differences and shared happiness among children, perfect for fostering kindness and confidence in young hearts.

3. “Equally Wonderful – The Colors of Diversity: Anti-Racism Coloring Book” by Clever Kid Press

“Equally Wonderful – The Colors of Diversity” is an inspiring anti-racism coloring book for children over 4 years old. It’s packed with 26 multicultural pages that spark important discussions about inclusion, acceptance, and cultural diversity. With large, double-sided pages, each image is accompanied by messages that educate and uplift.

4. “We’re All Different And The Same: Diversity Around The World Coloring Book For Kids” by Cindy Elsharouni

Dive into the pages of “We’re All Different And The Same,” where every coloring page is a passport to global diversity. This book takes young explorers on an artistic journey to 35 different countries, introducing them to varied customs and cultures through the joy of coloring. It’s an engaging, educational, and fun way to teach kids about the beautiful spectrum of humanity.

5. “Mixed Desi – The Coloring Book For Kids and Mixed South Asians – The Coloring Book For Kids” by myself, Nikita Gupta, MBA, and my daughter, Amaya Gupta

“Mixed Desi and Mixed South Asians- The Coloring Book For Kids is artfully crafted with 45 pages of multicultural celebrities of mixed South Asian heritage. This adorable coloring book seeks to empower kids of all ages to discover their amazing blended cultural heritage, express their innate creativity, and be proud of who they are.

Weaving together hand-drawn illustrations that capture the rich and diverse cultural influences, traditions, and experiences of Mixed South Asian powerhouses around the globe, this coloring adventure offers readers a fresh and enriching perspective on an ethnic group rarely represented in mainstream media.

Unequivocally because we need more multicultural coloring books, we are pleased to share a forthcoming coloring and activity book called Celebrating Cultures: The Global Activity Book For Kids. This over 100-page activity book also includes 30 days of positive affirmations and is available for pre-order now.

6. “Multi-Cultural Princesses Coloring Book” by Zachary Copeland

“Multi-Cultural Princesses” is your child’s creative gateway to exploring global traditions and stories. This educational coloring book is a canvas for learning and imagination, featuring beloved princesses like Mulan and Jasmine, each representing her unique culture. With engaging illustrations and insightful descriptions, it’s a coloring adventure that celebrates diversity and sparks curiosity in kids aged 6-9.

7. “The Big Book of Faces” by Jupiter Kids

“The Big Book of Faces” is a colorful journey into the world of diversity, designed to educate kids aged 4-8 about the beauty of our differences. With 200 pages brimming with faces and patterns, it’s a fun way to learn about colors, shapes, and humanity. 

As children color, they’ll also sharpen their knowledge of the color wheel, recognize a variety of shapes, and tackle pattern puzzles, all while celebrating the unique features that make us all special.

8. “We Are Human Diversity & Acceptance Coloring Book” by ImprintColoringBook

Dive into the pages of “We Are Human Diversity & Acceptance Coloring Book,” where every line and shade celebrates what makes us uniquely human. This 24-page coloring journey embraces gender, race, religion, nationality, age, and all forms of human diversity. It’s an educational experience inviting both children and parents to learn about and appreciate the rich spectrum of people that make up our world.

9. “Dream It, Be It: A Career Coloring Book for Black Kids” by Dr. K.K. Carson

“Dream It, Be It” is a career coloring book designed to inspire Black kids to envision themselves in a multitude of professions. This book is a canvas for ambition, featuring 20 illustrations that celebrate the diversity of Black children and the breadth of their potential careers. It’s a playful yet powerful way to introduce the leaders of tomorrow to the careers they may one day fill.

10. “A Rainbow of Friends Coloring Book: A Multicultural Coloring Book for Kids About Diversity, Differences and Kindness” by Patty Jane Press

“A Rainbow of Friends Coloring Book” is a delightful exploration of global diversity for kids, blending rhymes with coloring. This book celebrates the unique qualities and similarities of friends from around the world, encouraging conversations on race, respect, and kindness through engaging multicultural pages.

Two mixed girls holing coloring pens - multiculturalkidsblog.com

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