Inspiring Pacific Asian American Stories: Changing the Game Book Review

Do you have a budding athlete? If so, you should definitely check out Changing the Game: Asian Pacific American Female Athletes by Mia Wenjen. She succinctly profiles 18 female athletes of Asian Pacific American heritage who changed the games they played and the societies they lived in. Some of the women faced racism, sexism, resistance from their families and low expectations, but they beat all the odds to excel. 

Changing the Game book review | Multicultural Kid Blogs

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Inspiring Stories: Changing the Game Book Review

It’s interesting to see how many of these athletes spent a fair amount of their formative years not being an isolated racial minority. Many of the athletes are from Hawaii, California or spent time growing up in a country where they were not in the minority. The power that comes from not being a minority means they didn’t have to waste valuable energy fighting against discrimination like Victoria Manalo Draves did and they weren’t presented with narrow ideas of what they could become based on the prejudices of society. There was no one telling Miki Gorman that Asians can’t run when she was growing up in China and there was no one telling Eun Jung Lee Smith that she had no business trying to compete in basketball in South Korea. 

Changing the Game, Mia Wenjen

Some of the athletes absolutely ran up against damaging low expectations and prejudice. Evelyn Tokue Kawamoto trained in ditches because there weren’t decent facilities for Hawaiians in Hawaii. Victoria Manalo Draves could only swim in the public pool on the day that non-whites were allowed to use it: the day before it was to be drained and cleaned. Her father could never go to her meets because he was Filipino and not allowed inside the stadiums in San Francisco.

Other athletes rose through different barriers. How many of us knew that Kristi Yamaguchi began ice skating to correct a club foot as a child? Natasha Kai-Marks left soccer after burnout, returning after gruelling training and Michelle Wie fought through debilitating injuries to maintain her competitive golf performance.

All of these women showed true grit and perseverance to achieve their goals. They will be an inspiration to anyone.


Disclosure: The author received a complimentary copy of Changing the Game for review purposes; however, all opinions are the author’s.

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