Top Bilingual Superpowers!

As a parent of a bilingual child, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the expression, “Bilingualism is a superpower!”

Top Bilingual Superpowers | Multicultural Kid Blogs

Every single day we need to remind our children that bilingualism is a superpower. Why? As a parent, telling your children that their ability to speak more than one language is very powerful is nothing short of empowering. As a result, their confidence in speaking their second language grows even when they are hesitant to do so.

When my son was younger, he refused to speak Spanish. That had to change! I had to get him excited about learning Spanish! I was like a “broken record” when I constantly emphasized to my son that knowing two languages, Spanish and English, was a superpower. It wasn’t until my son was older that he realized the value of being bilingual.

In my most recent published book, Coco la Cotorra Puertorriqueña children will learn through a very special parrot that being able to communicate with humans and other parrots is a superpower. I have found that teenagers like my son have enjoyed reading about Coco even though this book is designed for children ages 6 – 12 years old.

Ser bilingüe es un superpoder

Below are the top bilingual superpowers that you can share with your child:

  1. You’ll get smarter!
  2. You’ll have more brainpower!
  3. You’ll have the ability to communicate with more people!
  4. You’ll be more focused!
  5. You’ll have strong thinking skills.
  6. You’ll understand other cultures more easily.

This is the perfect poster for your children: Top Bilingual Superpowers! You can download it for free here or tap on the image below: Poster Top Bilingual Superpowers

If you like this poster, you’ll love these free 8 “Bilingualism is a Superpower” printables found here.



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