Spring Learning Activities for Kids

Spring is here! And that means it’s a great time to enjoy some seasonal learning activities for kids. With warmer weather and new plants growing everywhere, spring is a wonderful time to engage children in educational pastimes. Here are a few of our favorite ways to get kids appreciating spring.

spring educational activities

It’s All About the Weather!

Weather is one of those universals that you can discuss with anyone. Plus, kids find it incredibly interesting. It’s amazing to discover how similar or different weather can be from country to country across the globe. Even some smaller countries feature microclimates, so you can find a lot of weather variation from place to place.

Find the hottest cities. Or the places with the most snow. And what about those places that get almost no rain? In Weather Around the World, I offer all kinds of kid-friendly ideas. The list of topics is almost endless.

Also, as you travel the globe looking at the weather, you can add in some extra learning. My Global Learning for Kids series provides several ideas. This kind of mixed-subject learning is great for giving children a more balanced, diverse understanding of the world around them.

Get Outside!

As the weather warms up, it gets easier to spend more and more time out of doors with children. This is great for kids and great for you! If you live in a place where it rains a lot, invest in boots. Good raincoats are also a must. With the right gear, both you and your kids can have fun outdoors, even in rainy weather.

Need some inspiration? Here are some fun ideas for exploring the outdoors with children. And don’t forget to look for nature’s camouflage! You’ll be amazed at the ingenious ways animals evolved to protect themselves from predators. This is true of animals of all sizes — from zebras and lions to butterflies and slugs.

With spring’s emerging buds, it’s also an excellent time of year to investigate the life of plants. Plants have clever ways of getting their seeds to travel far and wide. Like animals, they also have many interesting ways to protect themselves from predators. And remember that weather unit? Pick one of the countries where you explored the weather and discover what foods are eaten there. After you’ve learned about them, see if you can find them at a local grocery store, especially if you’ve never tried them before.

Plant a Garden

Spring is also the perfect time of year to plant a garden. Gardening offers wonderful parent-child bonding opportunities. You can even consider giving your child their own garden space. This will teach them about ownership and responsibility. Plus, they can practice making decisions about what to do and then see the results of their decisions! For great gardening tips with kids, check out this post. Just remember to get seedlings in the ground as early as it is safe for them to grow without freezing.

Keep in mind that, with children, process is always more important than the product. We want our children to learn, but the best way to do that, in the long run, is to foster a lifelong love of learning. Parent-child learning time is also key to building those important relationships that will keep us connected with our children throughout their lives. So, with all these activities, stay curious, and enjoy this special time with your kids!

What are your favorite hands-on, spring-themed learning activities for children?

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