Fun Facts About East Java – Indonesia

Fun Facts About East Java - Indonesia
Gunung Semeru the biggest volcano on Java Island  

East Java is a province located on the island of eastern Java, Indonesia. I was raised and born there for 40 years before my family moved to the island of Sumatra for five years. We currently reside in the province of DKI Jakarta and plan to return to East Java in a few years because it still stands as the most suitable place for us to live.

East Java has many fun facts. What I share in this article is only a small part. I will discuss them from a cultural and social life perspective.

1. Kids in East Java Enjoy Several Types of Traditional Games

In general, traditional games involve hands and feet movements, singing songs such as Delikan (meaning hide and seek), Bentengan, Gedrik, Cublak-cublak Suweng Tarik Tambang, and more. Children play these games along with their friends. It is so much fun!

Kids playing Tarik Tambang
Kids playing Tarik Tambang. Photo credit: Author’s own.

2. East Java Has a Variety of Delicious and Colorful Snacks for Young Children

  • Cenil is a traditional Indonesian sweet made from starch. It is red and has sprinkles with grated coconut.
  • Getuk Lindri is an Indonesian snack made from cassava. It is usually brown, red, and green, and people serve it with grated coconut sprinkles.
  • Kue Lapis is a traditional dessert made of rice flour, and people make it layered with multiple colors. 
  • Es Puter is a traditional ice cream people make with coconut milk. Making Es Puter involves putting the coconut milk in a pan with ice cubes and wrapping coarse salt on the outside of the container. It requires constant spinning until the ingredients crystalize into ice cream. Therefore, this dessert is named “Es Puter” because Puter means “spinning around” in Javanese.
Kue Lapis. Photo credit: Author’s own.
Es Puter
Es Puter. Photo credit: Author’s own.

3. Children Have Specific Play Hours

During the school day, children play outside with their friends from 03:00 PM to 05:30 PM. Children spend the rest of the day inside the house. 

4. East Java Has Many Kid-friendly Park Attractions 

There are many city parks in the capital city of Surabaya that are fun for children to play in.

5. The Regional Language in East Java is Javanese

Javanese is a diverse dialect that has a range of sounds from loud to subtle. If a visitor learns the language by traveling from the east to the west in East Java, an individual can easily experience the volume and tone differences from the loudest to the softest. 

A market at East Java
A market in East Java. Photo credit: Author’s own.

6.Mount Semeru is the Highest Summit in Java.

Mount Semeru is an active volcano and continues to erupt occasionally. Be sure to check the local conditions before traveling to Mount Semeru if you visit to ensure your family’s safety.

7. East Java Has Beautiful Natural Wonders

East Java has beaches, lakes, and an impressive plateau with amazing plantation views. If you visit, be sure to visit all these low and high natural diverse lands.

A beautiful place to live
A beautiful place to live in. Photo credit: Author’s own.

8. Discover Madura Island

Madura is an island off the coast of East Java. In terms of local culture, food, and languages, people living on the island of Madura are very different from the people on the island of Java. 

You can reach Madura by crossing the longest bridge in Indonesia – the Suramadu Bridge from Surabaya. The bridge offers one of the most beautiful views at dusk. Bukit Jaddih is another highly recommended area to explore. It was a mining area with limestone hills. Today, people consider this location as one of the most beautiful sceneries on the island. 

A traditional transportation at East Java
Traditional transportation in East Java. Photo credit: Author’s own.

There are many interesting cultural and natural things in East Java for families to enjoy. Remember to learn a few Indonesian words since the local people are generally not fluent in English. The local people certainly would love to hear you speak.

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