Make Your Own Flower Eggs and Celebrate Special Days as the People in Riau, Indonesia

People in Sumatra, Indonesia, especially the Malay ethnic group, have a unique way of celebrating special days and events. They make lots of flower eggs and share them with guests at weddings, birthday parties, baby showers and religious events. The egg that is hung on the stalk symbolizes fertility while the flower represents beauty. Each attending guest receives one flower egg.

For every special occasion, the women will help each other make flower eggs.

flower eggs craft from Indonesia
Women make the flower eggs in Riau – Indonesia. Photo by Hafies Djoesman (used with permission)

In this post, I will give a brief overview on how to make flower eggs from colorful plastic bags. I live in Riau, Indonesia and learned to make these with my neighbor. Flower eggs can also be made with paper and are a great craft for kids.

First, collect plastic bags of various colors, especially a few green ones for the leaves.

flower eggs craft from Indonesia

For the flower, cut four squares, about 10 x 10 cm each. For the leaves, cut two squares, about 7 x 7 cm each.

flower eggs craft from Indonesia

Then cut the squares to shape the petals and leaves as pictured below. Cut a small hole in the middle.

flower eggs craft from Indonesia

Grab a chopstick or bamboo stick, insert a flower corolla, glue it to the stick and shape as pictured. Repeat until all the flower corollas are glued onto the sticks.

flower eggs craft from Indonesia

Proceed to glue on the leaves in the same way. You may also choose to wrap the bamboo stick with green plastic.

flower eggs craft from Indonesia

Finally, hang a boiled egg with a net or cloth and attach them to the stalk with twist ties or pipe cleaners. Display the flowers in vases or glass jars filled with uncooked rice.

flower eggs craft from Indonesia

Make as many flower eggs as the number of guests you expect to attend your celebration, and hand each guest a flower egg at the end of the event. The egg flowers also make a beautiful decorative centerpiece.

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