Celebrating Latino Culture during Hispanic Heritage Month With The Best Of MKB Kids!

It’s our favorite time of the year! Hispanic Heritage Month is the perfect time for celebrating Latino culture-  and there are so many fun and easy ways to celebrate.

Whether you are raising global kids and want to heighten their awareness about Latino culture, or you are raising Hispanic children and want to immerse them further in their language and culture, Hispanic Heritage Month is a great time to celebrate all things Latin.

I’ve rounded up 9 fun and easy ways from our MKB contributors to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month this year. The only thing you have to do is pick which activity to do first!

Activity #1- Open a Bilingual Spanish Book

Our family recently had the opportunity to spend extended time traveling through Costa Rica, and we stayed at a hotel owned by a Swedish couple. They had a huge library of books in Swedish and English, and my kids loved trying to sound out the Swedish words and decipher their translation based on the English words in the book.

Hispanic Heritage Month is the perfect time to open a bilingual Spanish book to either reinforce your home language and culture or to introduce the Spanish language to your kids.

One of my favorite resources for Spanish books is from Kali at  For The Love Of Spanish- check out her Spanish book lists here!

Activity #2- Print A Fun Activity

If you want to know the best resource in the biz- and the person I recommend most for parents wanting to raise bilingual kids it’s another MKB Kids blogger- Monica Olivera.

She has created a phenomenal list of printable activities for Hispanic Heritage Month 2019, including a Hispanic musician’s flipbook and an overview of 10 of the most phenomenal Latinas in history. Definitely check it out. It’s perfect for celebrating Latino culture.

Activity #3- Listen To Songs In Spanish

Music is the universal language, and so many people that I have talked to over the years have learned a second language just by listening to music and learning the words. I mean, no one judges you when you are singing in the shower!

Your kids are the same- you can bet that they will learn the Spanish language and celebrate Latino culture through popular songs too!

My favorite resource for Spanish songs for young children is also my most popular post- you can see my Top 10 Songs in Spanish for Young Children on Pura Vida Moms.  For older kids, here are some great Spanish pop ballads.

Activity #4- Watch A Great Movie

Movies are a great way to open conversation about language and culture, and I love to sit down ad immerse myself visually in another human’s story.

Or, as my kids like to do, it’s always fun to watch our favorite shows (you know, those ones where you know every word by heart because the kids have watched the episodes so many times) in another language. Check out our favorite Spanish shows for kids on Netflix, or hop over to Spanish Mama’s awesome list of Spanish movies and shows for older kids.

Activity #5- Play Video Games!

I’m not always a huge fan of just plugging kids into devices and forgetting about them, but I am a big fan of immersing them into authentic cultural experiences as much as possible.

So- I am so excited to see Common Sense Media’s awesome list of apps and resources for Hispanic Heritage Month, which includes a link to great apps that celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Activity #6- Plan Your Next Latino-themed Trip!

Travel takes a ton of planning and it’s best to start early. I can say that Latin America is a phenomenal place to take your kids. From the diverse cuisines to the amazing colors and music,  after one visit you’ll be hooked. (I know I was!)

Not sure where to start? Many families take their first trip to Latin America by visiting Costa Rica- it’s a super safe country because there’s no military and it’s so family-friendly. Learn more about how awesome Costa Rica is for traveling families by reading our top ten reasons to visit Costa Rica this year.

Activity #7- Learn Through Art

Art is a great way to learn about other cultures- and it’s always fun to get a little messy. I love Kid World Citizen’s art projects, and she has a super fun Puerto Rican mask project that would be a great way to learn about Latino art techniques in Puerto Rico.

You can also create fun Calaveras out of Rice Krispies with our Coco krispies calavera treats.

Activity #8- Cook A Hispanic Recipe

I mean, what is better than a delicious ethnic meal? Nothing, basically. 😉

I am super partial to some amazing Costa Rican food to celebrate HHM, here’s a great list of our best Costa Rican recipes.

Looking for Mexican food? Peruvian? You can find a zillion more ideas on our Multicultural Cooking Pinterest Board.

Activity #9 Look for activities in your community

A simple google search will uncover some of the most awesome community activities in your area. Hispanic Heritage Month isn’t meant to just be celebrated at home. Celebrating Latino culture is best done by getting out and meeting your local Latino community. Activities such as eating out, attending dances or festivals in your community or visiting museums and local attractions in celebration of HHM is the BEST way to celebrate!

Don’t forget to share with us on social media how you are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month using our hashtag #MKBKids- we can’t wait to see what activities you choose!


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