Our Global Village: When MKB Members Meet IRL

Multicultural Kid Blogs is celebrating a huge milestone on Instagram! We’re celebrating reaching 40K posts using our hashtag #MKBKids and within this post, we’re celebrating the friendships in our global village by looking at when MKB online members meet IRL (in real life). 

For this post, I looked at tons of pictures from our members and enjoyed looking at all the smiling faces.  I was amazed at how these online members who were once strangers made arrangements to meet in real life from California to China, from Ecuador to Morocco, and many more countries, and states. 

This is the power of a global village, of networking and of building friendships online that turn into real-life friendships.   

Our Global Village: When MKB Members Meet IRL

Fascinated about what were the member’s thoughts on meeting IRL I reached out to them. Here’s what they had to say: 

“The best part of meeting IRL is that although it’s your first time meeting face to face because our this online world in our Multicultural Kid Blogs group you’ve felt long you’ve connected with a long lost friend. Meeting allows me to connect with those around me who simply understand this space we’ve built around us that supports our families and connects us with families around the world on a daily basis. Plus you get a chance to brainstorm and see how they’ve mastered specific issues that focus on growing their business online and still be the parent they want to be for their family. So thankful for each encounter I’ve had with MKB friends online.” – Kim, Educator’s Spin on It

“What I loved about meeting fellow MKB’ers in person was the immediate connection, validation for my commitment to raising bilingual, global world citizens. I thought, “they’re doing it too! They’re as passionate and dedicated as I am!”  Some MKB’ers have become friends, people that I can call or text or (in today’s tech world) message to vent, share the good news, worry together about similar issues. I know that they are cheering for me, and I am cheering for them. And even though we don’t see each other often when we do we pick up right where we left off, like if time/distance hasn’t passed! We fill each other in and laugh and celebrate. It’s so special. – Diana, LadydeeLG 

“I am always amazed to find that, no matter how much I like someone virtually, they are even more amazing in real life. The kindness, intelligence, and energy that you discover when you meet someone in real life are truly inspiring.” MaryAnne, Mama Smiles 

“It is so nice to connect both online and offline. Online I feel like I already know so many MKB members because we’ve interacted for so long, but meeting offline brings things to the next level. So nice meeting face to face! Maria,  Bicultural Mama 

“So I guess to say that I’m meeting an MKB member really is like meeting a close old friend who is there for you and shares the excitement of getting together and connecting.” Marianna, Bilingual Avenue

“I would say getting to spend more time in real life and connecting on a new level is one of the best things about meeting IRL. The time you spend together is special and builds deeper friendships. Sonia, Mixed Up Clothing 

“I think it is the fact that we can create a real friendship!” Johana, Mama Tortuga 

“It makes me feel more connected to the tribe. It’s also fun to talk about the challenges we face as multicultural-focused parents, or even as bloggers, to someone who understands.” Ann Belle

“Getting to hug these people who you feel you know after you’ve read their intimate words, life stories, and experiences.” Lisa, Lisa Ferland 

“How we just instantly connected – it felt like a family reunion.” Rita, Multilingual Parenting 

“For me, it’s getting to meet other people who really “get” me! That understand both about blogging and about trying to raise little global citizens, that have a similar orientation outwards towards the world.” Leanna, All Done Monkey 

“OMG blast from the past!  For me, it was like meeting an old friend. We instantly hit it off and understood each other so well. It was also the beginning of a lovely long-distance friendship.” Annabelle, The Piri-Piri Lexicon 

“Getting to meet in real life feels amazing! We usually communicate through our screens but put us all on 1 table and you can see the friendships, the trust, the camaraderie and the joy of knowing we share the same values of multiculturalism, a global outlook and a love of sharing that through our writing and our work. Meeting in real life also gives us more opportunities to work together too! It was at this very table in fact, that I asked Rita to contribute her language expertise to my book that I was writing, and I asked Ute as well! They both ended up being my multilingual experts featured in my book!!” Mariam, And Then We Moved To

“It felt like meeting people you already know and are connected with online. Having the opportunity to meet in real life is very special. Like meeting a pen pal for the first time.” Ute, Expat Since Birth

“It was wonderful to meet just like this and chat as with an old friend. It was fun to see our kids enjoy playing with each other :)” Galina, Raising a Trilingual Child 

“Awww what a nice memory! That we are friends now and we get to spend time with each other’s families.”  Carla, Mundo Lanugo 

“Instantly having something to talk about, such as kids, school, languages, etc, that bonded us before we met in person.” Kay, A Crafty Arab 

“Having a friend to talk about blogs, parenting and more!!” Carrie, Crafty Moms Share 

Marianna on meeting Diana: 

“This picture means a lot to me … right, when I met with Diana here I was at a job that I hated and didn’t align with my values but I was trapped. I was able to vent to her because I knew she would understand. It was a really helpful convo for me, therapeutical!”  Marianna, Bilingual Avenue 

Julie on meeting Christa: 

“The personal connection was the best! Beyond putting a face to a name, we connected as educators, mamas, and MKB’ers -sharing a passion for raising global kids. It’s been so exciting to watch Christa’s journey – and now her adventures in Costa Rica. Let’s have a reunion when you get back!!”  💗Julie, Globe Trottin’ Kids 

Becky on meeting Jackie: 

“I never thought while traveling halfway around the world, I would be able to meet another MKB member in person! We went out to dinner, and Jackie and her husband helped us pick out the most delicious local dishes to try. We had so many interesting things to talk about, and the time flew by!” Becky, Kid World Citizen

Becky on meeting Cordelia: 

“Because our kids have both been traveling around and moving between countries and languages, they “get” each other and were immediately playing and laughing together. It was such a fun day and they felt they had instant friends!” Becky, Kid World Citizen

Kim on meeting Giselle and MaryAnne: 

“This was the first meetup I had with bloggers from MKB with MaryAnne Ko and Giselle Shardlow. Such an amazing day!!! Kim, Educator’s Spin on It 

MaryAnne on meeting Kim and Giselle: 

“That really was a fun day! I think I had literally gotten to California that day! What a great way to move to a new place.” MaryAnne, Mama Smiles 

Rita on meeting Jonathan: 

“It was my first time ever in Wales and I could meet up with someone already knew!” Rita, Multilingual Parenting 

Jonathan on meeting Rita: 

“It was great to meet a fellow parent blogger in person for the first time, and benefit from Rita’s massive knowledge on bilingual parenting.” Jonathan, Dad’s the Way I like It 

Rita on meeting Lisa: 

“Loved meeting Lisa! We just instantly connected and were on the same wavelength.” Rita, Multilingual Parenting 

Marianna on meeting Annabelle: 

“This was such a great afternoon and one that we were able to recreate one other time! For me too there was instant chemistry. I think sometimes our “local” support tribe can see the world so differently, then I do but Annabelle and others in this group share many of the same priorities that I do about raising global citizens, teaching our kids to appreciate cultures, traveling as a family, etc. In other words, sometimes the friendships I see every day because they are close in proximity don’t have the same depth than my friendships with people like Annabelle do. I literally just texted her about a personal achievement my daughter had that I knew she would understand and appreciate and didn’t share it with any of my local friends because they just “don’t get it” in the same way. And I think I have seen Annabelle in person maybe five times or so if that! But that doesn’t seem to be an obstacle for us.” Marianna, Bilingual Avenue 

Amanda on meeting Olga: 

“For me, it was getting to chat in person about expat life and freelance writing life! Also, Olga is a total sweetheart so that was welcome as well! Amanda, MarocMama 

Esther on meeting Olga: 

“Ha! This is so funny! My youngest in the carrier is now the age of my eldest here, who was hugging me. From behind, I wasn’t sure who was who! We didn’t hang out long and it was meltdown stations if I remember correctly, but I would say, it was special to see the real-life of our MKB friends. Not just to talk shop like language, or cross-cultural life but to get a taste for the whole family dynamic (I didn’t even know Olga’s husband struggled with a disability until then!) and share our respective aspirations and dreams. At the time, Olga was just starting toying with the idea of starting a resource for expat mothers in Geneva. We had just moved to town with 3 kids ages 6mos, 2 yrs and 4 years, so I was just trying to survive until bedtime! Esther, Third Culture Mama 

Aimee on meeting Julie: 

“Such a great question – and a way to celebrate! It was wonderful to meet Julie and her family in person. It helped make my cherished online community a reality – and show how we can connect with others via social and in “real life,” too! And, how nice to do it at an amazing cultural institution in our shared hometown!” Aimee,  Chicago Now Raising World Citizens

Julie on meeting Aimee: 

“When I found myself living in a region where it seemed very few people shared my world values, the MKB online community of like-minded people helped to fill the gaps. 

But getting to meet MKB’s Aimee (to meet the queen of family mirrored elevator selfies) in real life did more than just fill the gaps. It was a reminder that friendly faces who share our values may sometimes be far away, but may also be closer than we realize. It was inspiring to meet Amy. And also, just plain fun!” Julie, Open Wide the World 

Last but not least, a huge thank you to all the members who shared their pictures, thoughts, and experiences.  You guys are a true testament on how friendships go beyond borders and beyond a computer screen. Cheers to our global village, built through friendships online and in real life!  

For more, be sure to visit our Instagram profile, and don’t forget to continue to use our hashtag #MKBKids! You can also join our community on Facebook, so we can work together to raise multicultural kids!

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