5 Multicultural Books for Summer Reading

5 Multicultural Books for Summer Reading | Multicultural Kid Blogs

Books are our favorite. They give us a peek into another world, another life, and in some cases, another culture. There are so many terrific books available for kids, but I thought I’d share a few multicultural books for summer reading from our family’s library that you might enjoy. Happy reading!

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5 Multicultural Books for Summer Reading

#1. The Name Jar

Names have so much meaning and of course tie directly to our identity. The Name Jar tackles this intimate challenge of immigrating for a young girl whose classmates struggle to pronounce her Korean name. A beautiful way to build empathy for readers who have the opportunity to see inside her personal struggle to fit inside a new name.

#2. I Love Saturdays y domingos

I love this book! I am from the U.S., and my husband is Guatemalan. For our kids, this book perfectly describes the life of a young girl with grandparents and abuelos. Walking through a weekend where each Saturdays are with her U.S. family and domingos with her Spanish-speaking family, we see the similarities, as well as the cultural and language differences. This book so uniquely depicts our own bicultural family that it will always have a place on the shelf.

#3. Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History

5 Multicultural Books for Summer Reading | Multicultural Kid Blogs

This one is not a picture book, but a collection of short biographies and beautiful illustrations. Familiar names like Ruby Bridges, Maya Angelou, Ophrah Winfrey, and Wilma Rudolph grace the pages. But the book includes a wide range of little leaders from an Air Force general to a chemist to a sculptor to a filmmaker. My daughter particularly connected to Alma Woodsey Thomas, who was a teacher and painter, as she related to their shared love of art.

#4. Adriana’s Angels

Two angels walk with a young girl as her family moves from Columbia to Chicago in the United States. The young girl struggles to understand the language and connect with her classmates. This book doesn’t resolve those issues but focuses more on the connection of her heart to God and the way her angels guard her throughout these challenging experiences.

#5. Malala’s Magic Pencil

This picture book, written by Pakistani activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, follows her childhood story. It addresses gender inequality in education, political instability, war, and more. It’s an empowering story about her desire to help her female classmates receive a quality education. It’s a beautiful book from a stunning part of the world.

There are scores more of wonderful books, but these are a few that have been enjoyed in our home. What are the favorite multicultural books for summer reading at your house?

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5 Multicultural Books for Summer Reading | Multicultural Kid Blogs

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