Celebrating World Space Week with a New Multicultural Kid’s Activity Book

Learn more about the universe alongside children from around the world – while they attend school on a moon orbiting Jupiter! Learn about how we celebrate World Space Week.

World Space Week

My sons love World Space Week. We engage in activities inspired by and about space throughout the year, but take special joy in celebrating World Space Week. In the past, we’ve created unique meals inspired by space, built cardboard rocket ships and created some fun sensory bins.

This year, we’re celebrating with a new activity book, just released. It’s called Jupiter Elementary and is inspired by a forthcoming series of chapter books by the same name. In the series, the lead character, Tobias, and his classmates, will be the first students at a new school on one of Jupiter’s moons. Key students hail from the United States, Mexico, China, India and Sweden.

The activity book features fifty pages of mazes, sudoku, word searches, coloring pages, drawing inspiration, and much more! As we looked through the book, my eight-year-old continually uttered sounds of excitement as he tried to decide which pages to do first. The mazes and word searches were of the most interest to my sons (age six and eight).

Wild Thing (my 8-year-old) particularly liked that the word searches and mazes were designed in cool shapes.

Learning about World Space Week

As a mom of two, I appreciated that the book features so many activity pages and activities that suit children at different ages. There are pages that I know four- to seven-year-olds would enjoy coloring as well as activity pages, like the mazes, sudoku and word searches, that six-  to nine-year-olds really enjoy. This makes it a great value for these ages.


There’s so much to learn through this book. It’s all presented in a fun way. There are word searches focused on the moons of Jupiter. Others feature items in the solar system and with the names of various geometric shapes.

Solar System in World Space Week

Jupiter Elementary ignited my sons’ imaginations as they envisioned what it might be like to go to school in space. You could use that idea as a fun writing prompt, learning opportunity (research what you would need to go to school in space), or dinner chat. Who knows, maybe your child will end up creating their own space suit out of recycled materials (we love doing that)? We also got inspired to check out Nasa’s Jupiter gallery — it’s amazing!

If the concept of children attending school in space sparks your child’s imagination, tell us about it. Please also share with us the resources you use to learn about space. Let us know how you celebrate World Space Week. To get your own copy of the Jupiter Elementary Activity Book, visit JupiterElementary.com.

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