7 Great Ideas for Outdoor Learning Fun!

7 Great Ideas for Outdoor Learning Fun! | Multicultural Kid BlogsSummer is here and it’s the perfect time to get our kids outdoors and having fun. Of course, outdoor learning isn’t only for the summer of course. There is a lot of learning in the winter months as well. As a matter of fact, the seasons are a great way to learn about the circle of life, the way things die and then are reborn. Winter can teach kids about the solids, melting, and freezing.

In order for our kids to learn, it’s really important that we engage with them and ask questions. Outdoor learning is great because the scenery is always changing. They can use all their senses! It’s fun and gets kids moving!

There is a growing movement in the United States for outdoor learning. Many people choose to homeschool because they think kids learn better if they are outside as opposed to a classroom with rigid rules. But you don’t have to homeschool to give your kids fun learning opportunities, here are some ideas to get your little ones using their noggin without even knowing it!

1. Play I Spy.
There is so much beauty outdoors! We love playing I Spy on our way to camp. We look at the birds (we’ve seen cardinals and even a bluebird!) and flowers. It’s a great way to practice vocabulary. I Spy is a great game for any season.

2. Explore a farmer’s market.
Farmers markets are great ways to learn about counting, adding (the prices), and eating healthy, and to explore colors and talk about eating in season as the products change each season.

7 Great Ideas for Outdoor Learning Fun! | Multicultural Kid Blogs
3. Use a telescope to see the stars.
Have you kids identify the Big Dipper. Take a close look at the Moon!

4. Gardening
Gardening brings so many benefits to kids. They can learn about where food comes from and they will be excited to see the progress of the plants as they grow. My little one loves to be in the garden with his papi (grandpa). You can even use it to teach kids about other cultures! Check out more reasons why gardening is great.

5. Make nature collages.
Nature collages are easy to make: Go on a walk in the park and collect rocks, twigs, and flowers, make beautiful creations using art tools. Here’s a great nature walk in Spanish from our friends at Spanish Playground!

7 Great Ideas for Outdoor Learning Fun! | Multicultural Kid Blogs6. Scavenger hunt. Here’s a great bilingual scavenger hunt.

7. Enjoy the rain (and other water activities)
Many people think that rain means staying indoors, but being caught in the rain or getting wet in sprinklers is another great way to learn—you can learn all about where rain comes from, the clouds, and how are rainy days different from non-rainy days. Recently, we explored sprinklers on a very hot day and my clothes got wet. My son asked me why they got dry so quickly (because it was over 90 degrees F!)

What other outdoor activities have you tried to inspire your little ones to play and learn? Share your ideas with us below!

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Diana Limongi is a freelancer writer and blogger from NYC. She writes about motherhood, raising multilingual and multicultural kids, healthy living and travel (when she manages to get away!) She loves connecting with readers on Twitter and Instagram.

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