Author name: Jennifer Fischer

Jennifer is a mom of two, as well as an independent filmmaker who has taught filmmaking to youth, most notably with her Spotlight On Hope Film Camp, a free film camp for Pediatric Cancer patients. She writes about her experiences with her sons, Wild Thing (5) and Caterpillar (3), at The Good Long Road with an emphasis on mindfulness, imagination, and creative activities related to the boys' favorite children’s books.

Joyful, vibrant, celebratory background with bright yellow and confetti. Text across it reads: The Importance of Black Joy. Books, Film, Experiences, Celebrations: How Our Family Centers Black Joy

The Importance of Black Joy

An essential aspect of raising multicultural children is providing them with a broad understanding of the realities of the world they live in. In this world racial injustice persists, human rights are under attack, the effects of climate change are felt and youth depression rates are on the rise. Teaching our children about these realities, …

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Connecting Students Through Global Learning

The world is more interconnected than ever. Thus, connecting students through global learning is essential. Luckily, today’s technological advances mean that international connections and student understanding of the world are possible. Global Learning Through Travel  My primary experiences with global learning came through study abroad programs in college or through international travel as an adult. …

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