Donate Books to Encourage Diverse Collections

Did you know that 37% of the US population is people of color and yet only 10% of children’s books in the past 22 years contain multicultural content?

The statistics about the diversity gap in children’s literature are sobering. We know it is crucially important for children to see themselves represented in children’s literature.

Over the past five years, we have shared with you many wonderful multicultural children’s books. Yet I often wondered, how many of the diverse books that are out there actually make it into the hands of the children that most need them?

What about the kids whose parents aren’t reviewing books? One girl was so desperate to read stories about girls like her that she launched a campaign to ask people to donate books about black girls.

Now, to celebrate our fifth anniversary, Multicultural Kid Blogs is sponsoring a drive to encourage people to donate books—especially diverse children’s books—as part of the effort to encourage diverse collections in our schools, libraries, and institutions.

Below we have collected for you a list of resources and ideas of where to donate, plus we’d love to see your stories!

Join in the campaign to donate books and share your photo on Instagram or other social media using the hashtag #donateMKB.

We can’t wait to see your pictures!

Donate Books to Encourage Diverse Collections

Here are ideas and resources to donate books so that more diverse books get into the hands of the children who long to read them. Make a difference in a child’s life today! And help us grow this list by commenting with any resources we may have left out.

Join in the campaign to donate books and share your photo on Instagram or other social media using the hashtag #donateMKB.

Where to Donate

Be sure to check the policies of the organization, as some request specific kinds of books. Also, be aware that in some cases you may need to cover the shipping costs yourself. Alternatively, you can make a financial donation to help with their shipping costs.

Please note that the list below is for informational purposes and inclusion does not constitute an endorsement by Multicultural Kid Blogs. Always be sure to do your research before making a donation.

Note: Our hearts are with all those affected by the recent tragedies in places like Puerto Rico and Mexico. Most organizations working there are understandably focused on the immediate needs of those affected (here are resources for where to donate), but as they move into the rebuilding phase, we will update our list with places you can donate books and other school materials for those areas.

  • Homeless shelters: Many of those in homeless shelters are children, and book donations are often accepted.
  • Public libraries: Libraries often resell used books at discount prices to patrons. These help raise funds for the library, so you’ll be helping two causes at once! Depending on how your local library system is set up, donations of new books may be included in these fundraising sales or they may be put into circulation in the library system.
  • School libraries & daycare centers: Funds are always tight at school districts to purchase new books, so donations are always appreciated! Daycare centers may also accept donations of children’s books.
  • Children’s hospitals: A friend who works at a children’s hospital tells me that donations of books (as well as toys and games) are always welcome. However, because many of the children have compromised immune systems, be sure to donate new books rather than used.
  • Multicultural Children’s Book Day: If you are an author or publisher, consider donating copies to be included in this amazing review-a-thon of diverse children’s books, held every January. It’s a great way to raise awareness of multicultural books!
  • Books for Africa collects, sorts, ships, and distributes books to students of all ages throughout Africa. They also accept financial donations to cover their shipping costs.
  • Better World Books is an online bookseller that supports high-impact literacy projects throughout the United States and the world.
  • Little Free Libraries are popping up in communities everywhere! Donate books to one near you or start your own!
  • Donation Town is a great service if you’re not sure where to donate locally. Donation Town will pick up your donation and give it to the local charities that need it.
  • The Children’s Book Project donates books to underserved populations in the San Francisco Bay area and beyond.

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