Tons of Resources for Kids to Learn about Australia!

Tons of Resources for Kids to Learn About Australia | Multicultural Kid Blogs

Australia is both a country and a continent, in the Indian and Pacific oceans. The capital is Canberra, and its major cities are Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide. The “land down under” is famous for its Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, and an enormous area of wild desert called the Outback. Australia is also known for its unique animals: most of the 140 species of Australian marsupials are not found in anywhere else in the world!

Here are some wonderful resources for kids to learn about Australia.

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Books to Learn about Australia

Kids Travel Books Country Profile- Kid World Citizen

Children’s books set in Australia from Kids Travel Books. I love this mixture of non-fiction and fiction books, about people, animals, places, geography, and culture.

Unique Australian Animals Kids- Kid World Citizen

Children’s books all about the unique animals of Australia and New Zealand: there are so many creatures that are endemic to this area, and don’t live anywhere else on Earth (except zoos ;)!!!

Lukes Beach Day- Kid World Citizen

Luke’s Beach Day, by Giselle Shardlow introduces children to yoga by illustrating how yoga poses can be incorporated into having a fun, exciting, adventurous, and active day. Young readers learn about the East Coast Australian shoreline, while joining Luke as he hops like a kangaroo, perches like a sea gull, and rests like a sea star.

Australian Art, and Crafts for Kids

Aboriginal Art for Kids- Kid World Citizen

Learn about contemporary aboriginal artist, David Malangi, of Central Arnheim land. The Art Curator for Kids details the context and characteristics of the art work, plus gives discussion questions to use with kids.

Australian Crafts for Kids- Kid World Citizen

Danya Banya has a wonderful collection of Australian art projects for kids. I love how she pairs learning with the crafts, so the kids can understand the background of what they are creating.

Australian Dot Painting- Kid World Citizen

On Kid World Citizen, you’ll find a video and lesson on Aboriginal art, dot painting, and the Papunya Tula art movement of the Western Desert.

Ayers Rock Australia Collage- Kid World Citizen

You can also make a landscape collage of Ayers Rock, a famous landmark in the Australian outback!

Additional Educational Resources

This video on the adorable Koala is from Koala-ty Time (Australia). The Sydney Zoo is the perfect place to visit marsupials like koalas! You will be ooh-ing and aah-ing over the cuddly babies, while learning fascinating facts on koala’s life, food, behavior, and habitat.

Rugby for Kids- Kid World Citizen

Learn about the rules of rugby, and the world’s most famous teams (including the Australian Wallabies!).

Australia Country Research- Kid World Citizen

Do a country research project about Australia, learning its geography, customs, and cultural information.

Emu Headshot- Kid World Citizen

Australia is home to flightless birds called “ratites.” Scientists believe they evolved to have tiny wings because they had little reasons to escape flying with few predators.

World Thinking Day Australia- Kid World Citizen

This Girl Scout Thinking Day project would work well with any group of kids researching Australia! Learn about the different regions of Australia and their emblems, plus explore other resources.

Anzac Cookies- Kid World Citizen

Make some chewy anzac biscuits (called cookies in the US!). Anzac biscuits have a history that dates back to World War I, when the wives and mothers of soldiers in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) wanted to send a nutritious snack to their husbands and sons away in the world, that wouldn’t spoil.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these wonderful resources for kids to learn about Australia!

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